5 Weird Morgan Freeman Facts You’re Dying To Know

Morgan Freeman is one of the most recognizable actors in the world. He has starred in over 100 films, won multiple awards, and his iconic voice has been heard in countless documentaries and commercials. Despite his fame, there are many things about Freeman that most people do not know. Today, we’ll explore five weird Morgan Freeman facts that you’re dying to know.

Fact 1: His Voice Was Almost Never Heard

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Freeman narrating documentaries or iconic films such as “The Shawshank Redemption” or “Driving Miss Daisy.” However, Freeman almost never pursued acting because of a childhood accent and speech impediment.

Freeman was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and he spoke with a deep Southern accent that made him self-conscious. To make things worse, he developed a stutter when he was young and often struggled to speak fluently. It wasn’t until a high school drama teacher encouraged him to act that Freeman began to find his voice. In later years, he would overcome his stutter and become one of the most celebrated actors of our time.

Fact 2: He’s a Beekeeper

Beyond his impressive acting career, Freeman has a unique hobby: beekeeping. In fact, he maintains several beehives on his Mississippi ranch. Freeman was first introduced to beekeeping in 2014 while filming the documentary “Through the Wormhole.” The film explored the decline of the honeybee population and prompted Freeman to take action. Since then, he has become an advocate for bee conservation and even has a name for his honey: “Tutti Frutti.”

Beekeeping has become a passion for Freeman, who finds the activity to be meditative and rewarding. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Freeman said, “There’s something about the little creatures that I admire. They remind me of me. They’re busy all the time.”

Fact 3: He’s a Pilot

In addition to beekeeping, Freeman is also an avid pilot. He has been flying for over 15 years and owns both a private jet and a helicopter. Freeman’s love for flying began when he was young, but he didn’t start taking lessons until he was in his 50s.

Flying gives Freeman a sense of freedom and control that he finds invigorating. He has flown all over the world and even piloted his private plane from Mississippi to New York City for a talk show appearance. Freeman is also active in several aviation organizations and has become an advocate for increased pilot training and safety regulations.

Fact 4: He Has a Sixth Finger

One of the most surprising facts about Freeman is that he was born with an extra finger on his left hand. The extra digit is a small bump located between his thumb and index finger, and it has been with him his entire life.

Freeman has spoken about his sixth finger in interviews and admitted that it has caused some discomfort and inconvenience throughout his life. However, he has also said that he’s glad he was born with it, as it has become part of his unique identity.

Fact 5: He’s a Blues Musician

Most people know Freeman as an actor and narrator, but he’s also a talented blues musician. In fact, he played the harmonica on-screen in the film “Street Smart,” which he also produced.

Freeman grew up listening to blues music and has said that it speaks to him on a deep level. He has performed with several musical legends, including B.B. King and the late Gregg Allman. In 2018, Freeman even hosted the National Blues Museum’s inaugural induction ceremony.

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