5 Worst Major Airports In Europe

Few people enjoy air travel. The idea of being cramped on an airplane for hours can be daunting. However, your experience at the airport can make or break your travel plans. Canceled flights, delays, and lost luggage are all things that can make the airport the worst. So what are the five worst airports in Europe? 

1. Heathrow Airport

London’s Heathrow is at the top of many “worst” airport lists. According to a survey conducted by Priority Pass, airline passengers agree. This airport is known for its lengthy flight delays and lost bag problems. They also top the list for flight cancellations.

Getting to Heathrow will cost you, too. It’s a long journey via the tube. You can take the Heathrow Express from Paddington station in West London and get there in just 15 minutes, but it is an expensive ride. 

The good news is if you get stuck at Heathrow Airport, there is plenty to do there. It is a little like a shopping mall inside, which also serves as an airport. 

2. Gatwick Airport

You won’t fare much better at Gatwick Airport in London. It is the city’s second busiest, and reviewers say it is just as bad. It has some of the same problems, too. It is known for its flight delays and cancellations. It has warned people against bringing luggage to check because of their staff shortages. Gatwick has notoriously tiny waiting rooms, and on a recent hot day in London, people were passing out due to the lack of air conditioning. 

Transportation to and from the airport isn’t much better at Gatwick, either. You can take a long bus or train ride and pay less. If you want to take the Gatwick Express, it will get you to Central London in just 15 minutes, but the ride will cost you almost twice as much. 

3. Lisbon Portela Airport

Lisbon is facing the same delays and cancellations that are plaguing Europe airports. Passengers also complain about long lines at immigration with some waiting hours to get through. On top of all that, Lisbon is an older facility, and an increase in passengers creates chaos. That is exactly what happened as Europe lifted its COVID-19 restrictions. The queues at Lisbon backed up, and people stood in lines for everything. 

4.  Chania International Airport 

Chania Airport in Crete, Greece, is described as “chaotic.” Passengers there report having to stand in lines for hours at a time and sometimes even queuing outside the airport. If you are stuck there, there is little to do but wait. This airport doesn’t offer much dazzle and entertainment. What food you can get isn’t the best and is costly. There is also minimal seating. 

5. Crete Herakleion International Airport

Unfortunately, you won’t do much better at the Herakleion in Crete. It has a reputation for having long lines and no air conditioning. While you can find something to eat there, you will pay top dollar for it. Also, the bathrooms are dirty and unkept. 

Flying is taxing at best. When the airport is the worst, it impacts your whole trip.