Are gaming laptops a good idea?

Gaming laptops are designed to be powerful. They have fast CPUs, lots of RAM, advanced graphics processing and a high screen resolution. They also multitask well. However, you may be wondering if they’re a good idea and if you should purchase one. Thankfully, there are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if you need a gaming laptop or possibly a desktop computer.

1. Where do you game?

If you primarily game at home, you may not need a gaming laptop. Instead, you could purchase a high-end desktop for nearly the same price as the laptop, and it may even have more power. However, if you like being able to change rooms while you game or you travel and game, a gaming laptop may be a better choice.

2. Do you want your laptop to have style?

Older gaming laptops didn’t have much style. The powerful processors, RAM and internal components often meant they were clunky and heavy. However, those problems no longer exist. Modern gaming laptops are sleek. They often contain keyboards that light up in different colors, making the keys easier to see, and they’re just as thin as a regular laptop. If you want a laptop with style, choosing a gaming laptop may be the answer.

3. Do you multitask?

Gaming laptops aren’t just built for gaming. They’re built for power users. Gaming laptops have the ability to multitask several resource-intensive apps at the same time. This means that if you wanted to watch a movie, check your email, create graphics and browse the web, you could do all of that simultaneously.

4. Do you need a powerful computer for work?

If you don’t game, but have a resource-intensive job or work from home, you may want to consider a gaming laptop. Due to a gaming laptop’s power, it’s great for people with work-from-home jobs that require lots of video conferences. They’re also great if your company requires you to install and use lots of software simultaneously. If you happen to work in graphics, video or sound production, gaming laptops have enough power for you to successfully use high-end photo and graphics creation software, CAD programs and video and sound creation and editing tools.

5. Do you need computing versatility?

If you need the ability to stay or go, a gaming laptop can provide it. Gaming laptops are dockable. Meaning that you can buy a docking station and connect peripherals, like extra monitors, keyboards and mice to the station. While you’re at home, you can dock the laptop. This allows you to enjoy an experience similar to working on a desktop. If you have to leave suddenly, you can quickly unplug your laptop and take it with you.

Whether or not you need a gaming laptop depends on your computing needs. If you like high computing power in a portable design, a gaming laptop may be for you. However, if you don’t take your work or games with you on the go, you may be better served with a desktop, which can be cheaper and more powerful than a gaming laptop.