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How To Compose A Message To Cheer Up A Loved One

Whether you plan to write a five-page handwritten letter or send a short message of encouragement, there are some do’s and don’t’s to consider. 

Committing the don’ts results in your message having the opposite effect despite your good intentions, so before you hit send or put pen to paper, ask if you’re including some of these things.

1. Do recount a time they said or did something kind for you.

On the surface, it may sound like you’re making this about yourself. But this is not a narcissistic statement. You’re acknowledging that the person has been there for you, and now you want to be there for them. 

Often, people can’t ask for their needs when sad. They don’t want to inconvenience others. You’re opening the door, so they can feel safe to express what they need to feel better.

2. Don’t say let me know what I can do to help.

Of course, you want to help. But this can come off as an empty gesture. So, see No. 1.

3. Do remind them it’s important to take care of themselves.

Many people give until they have nothing left. But people who don’t take care of themselves first have less to give, not more. Again, it can’t just be words. If they’re normally trying to handle certain duties, you might specifically offer to take those over.

If you’re close, follow your message by bringing them a meal they love or a gift.

4. Don’t Engage in Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity is having the idea that a person is always better off when they’re happy and cheerful. That’s not true. People have a full range of emotions and need to feel all of them in due time.

Examples of toxic positivity in a message would include:

  • Stay positive.
  • Smile.
  • Telling a joke.
  • The sun will come out tomorrow.
  • This too shall pass.
  • You’ll do it better next time.
  • All things work together for good.

It’s true that these same statements can be positive in a certain context. The issue is timing.

They shouldn’t be in a message right after something sad or tragic has happened. They mask feelings and shame a person for not recovering their joy sooner. They hinder personal growth and make grieving take longer than it would otherwise.

Cheering up should happen from the inside, not due to outside forces.

5. Do Read the Room

With number 4 said, you can read the room. If the person has put some distance between themselves and the event, it may be okay to interject some more positivity to cheer them up.

  • Motivational playlist
  • A funny meme
  • 10 things I love about you
  • Recall a funny memory
  • Send them a nostalgic image

6. Maybe send a care package with the message attached.

A care package is a message without words. Think about what would help your loved one feel better, which will be unique to the person but might include:

  • Essential oils
  • Self-care products
  • Candy or healthy snacks
  • Houseplant
  • A journal
  • Jar filled with hand-written quotes
  • Gift card
  • A worry eater doll
  • Colorful socks
  • Meditation app subscription

When combined with a short written message, items like these can mean everything to a loved one who needs some cheer.

5 Truths That Will Help You Play The Dating Game To Win

There are a lot of people who think when they get into the dating scene that they’ll just be able to meet a few people, pick one from the bunch and then start up a relationship. Sure, it may have been a little bit like that many decades ago, but things have changed dramatically in the dating world. It’s not as easy as simply stumbling into someone at the grocery store, and takes a lot of nuance.

If you find yourself trying to find dates, there are some truths that you’ll need to know that will make things much easier for you in the long run. The sooner that these truths are accepted, the better off you’ll be.

You’ll Face Rejection

Dating can be tough, but facing rejection can be even tougher. During your journey through the dating pool, you will run into people who could pique your interest, but you may not pique theirs. 

It’s a completely normal occurrence and will help guide you to the person that’s right for you. One thing to remember when facing rejection is to not take it personally. Rejection isn’t someone telling you you’re not good enough for them, you’re simply not compatible and that’s okay. Take rejection in stride and move on gracefully. 

Dating Apps Are The Norm

You can meet people anywhere, but knowing who is available to date isn’t always obvious in organic social situations. So, dating apps are primarily the way to go when you’re looking to depart from the single life. 

There are a ton of dating apps and websites available on iOS, Android, and PC. Some focus more on specific groups of people and preferences like lifestyle, race, body type, and what kind of dating situation you’re looking for. Always remember not to share too much personal information too soon and to always meet in public. 

It Takes Time To Find The Right Person

It can be difficult to live a single life when you’re yearning for a love connection, but you can’t hurry love. Be patient, take time to meet different people, and invest in the people you feel could be most compatible. 

Most of all, invest time in yourself and stay true to your values throughout the dating process. It’s easy to get lost in another person. Don’t rush perfection and enjoy the journey to finding the right person for you. It will ensure a more secure bond in the end. No

Put Your Authentic Self Out There

It’s easy to pretend to be someone else, or act the way you think would entice people, especially online. We can get lost in other personalities and try to mimic their behavior to seem more likable to them. The problem with that is when the dust settles, you’ll be left pretending and the person you’re with will realize they’re with a fake version of you. 

It doesn’t make for lasting relationships and can create confusion, and bitterness, and waste each other’s time. So when you’re entering the dating world, remember to start off by being your authentic self and it will attract the right kind of people. 

Stay Safe

Staying safe is an extremely crucial part of dating. There are people out there who may not have your best interest in mind. Some may be more nefarious than others. When you’re talking to a potential suitor, keep as much personal information to yourself as possible. If you get as far as meeting that person, meet in a crowded public place, take your own form of transportation, and tell someone close to you where you’re going. 

Remember to have your phone on you and a form of protection if possible. If the person you’re interested in has an issue with you taking protective safety measures, they’re likely not worth your time. 

How To Build A Loving Relationship

Not every relationship is going to last, but if you’re truly in love with someone, you’ll find a way to make it work for good. Building a loving relationship isn’t the easiest task and requires a lot of effort, but you’ll find that it’s all worth it in the end. Whether you’re new to being in a relationship or have been with ‘the one’ for many years, everyone could use a little advice now and then.

With that in mind, there are some things that every successful loving relationship needs. Some of these you might already be on top of, while others could be popping up like a lightbulb above your head. Here are five tips on how to build a loving relationship.

Establish Trust

Trust is the foundation of every successful and loving relationship. Without trust, you’re left to question your partner’s every move, as well as their intentions. To establish trust, communication and consistency are key. Discuss any and all worries with your partner. It’s necessary to speak your mind and it’s okay to need reassurance. Be consistent with your words and actions. Don’t keep your partner guessing. Make them feel safe with you and that you say what you mean and mean what you say. 

Go on Dates 

It may not seem all that obvious, but dating your partner doesn’t just mean being in a relationship with them. Date your partner by actively participating in the romantic and intimate acts of affection you started the relationship with. Continuing that special level of affection and effort really does make a difference and keeps the relationship feeling fresh and new. Surprise each other with date nights, or spontaneous fun. Make it a special time for just the two of you where you get to unwind and create a closer and more loving bond. 

Make Time For Yourself

Relationships are a lot of work, with great rewards. Part of the work you should be putting into your relationship to build and keep a strong bond going is by maintaining your individuality. Sure, when we’re in love we want to do everything with our partner, but if you lose your sense of individuality then you lose yourself in the person you’re with. Spend quality time alone with yourself. Do the things you like to do with friends, family, or on your own. Spend all the time you’d like with your partner, just don’t forget to give yourself attention as well. 

Make Time Together

Similar to making time for yourself, making time for your partner is extremely important. Quality time together will build and strengthen the bond you share together and help you get to know each other on a deeper level. Connecting with your partner is crucial if you wish to build a strong foundation for your relationship to sit upon for years to come. Make plans together on a regular basis to do the things you both enjoy, try new things, or even just perform simple tasks like grocery shopping. That time spent together adds up and will give you a better view of who they become in social situations and general situations outside of the comfort of their own home. 

Pay Attention

We get so caught up in our busy lives that sometimes we don’t stop and look around as often as we could. Making the effort to stop and pay attention to your partner and what makes them happy, inspired, and full of emotion, is something they won’t soon forget. Everyone loves to feel cared for, especially when it’s something personal to them that they may not vocally express. Pay attention and pick up on the little things that bring them joy. They’ll be pleasantly surprised when you surprise them with knowledge of a subject they love, an experience they’ve been yearning to have, or are presented with some of their favorite things. 

5 Romantic Gestures That Go A Long Way

For some, romance can come naturally, while others can spend days or weeks trying to rack their brains coming up with ways that they can be more romantic for their significant other. Thankfully, there are many small gestures that you can make every day that end up going a long way and showing your partner that you love them.

If you feel like you haven’t been showing the type of affection that you want for your significant other, we have some ideas that will make sure that you’re setting your relationship in the right direction. Here are five romantic gestures that go a long way with your partner, many of which won’t cost you a single penny.

Writing Love Letters

Writing and exchanging love letters is a timeless way to show your partner how special they are to you. It really is an extraordinarily romantic and old-fashioned act of professing your love to one another. You can step it up a notch and buy cute paper, pens, envelopes, or maybe even a journal the both of you can take turns writing in. Love letters are something you can both save and compile into a scrapbook, a memory box, or even showcase at your future wedding to remind you of where you started and how you got to that point. It’s a sweet and everlasting act of love. 

Cooking a Meal

Cooking your loved one a delicious meal is a fantastically loving gesture they will thoroughly enjoy. It’s a more personal way to show your love, as well as provide a tasty treat you both can enjoy. We all show love in our own special ways, sometimes using art forms, like the art of cooking. Cooking is often more than just the simple act of heating up food and eating it. It’s a form of expression and nurtures those we feed with our home-cooked meals. Cooking in all forms typically comes from a place of love and passion, making it a much deeper act than one might think. 

Creating a Cozy Environment

Feeling cozy and comfy is one of the best feelings. It’s even better when your significant other creates a more calming and cozy environment for you. Some ways you can do this are by running them a warm bath with bath bombs, bubbles, or Epsom salts. Putting their towel in the dryer so it’s warm and comforting when they’re done. Give them a romantic rub down with moisturizing lotion. Light some scented candles, grab them a snack, and maybe watch some movies with them in a bed with fresh sheets, blankets, and tons of pillows. It will show them you care and want to make them feel good. 

Buying or Making Gifts

Gifts aren’t always necessary, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited when someone we love gives us a present. Buying gifts, or making a more personalized gift is something that will make anyone feel special and loved. The feeling of gift-giving is sometimes just as rewarding as being the recipient of a gift. Put a lot of thought into your gift, no matter how simple or lavish, to show your partner you truly know them and their heart. It will have a lasting impression on your loved one, knowing you put so much effort into making them smile. 

Romantic Picnics

Arguably one of the most romantic and low-key activities you can plan for your partner is a picnic. Picnics are always a hit and show your loved one how much thought and planning you put into the romantic endeavor. Gather a cute basket of their favorite foods, grab the classic checkered sheet, and maybe some adult drinks. Take a stroll to a scenic area to set it up while they sit back and relax. Enjoy the fresh air and close personal time with your loved one. 

Why Community Is Important, No Matter Your Personality Type

Community is an important and often overlooked necessity when it comes to the growth and survival of our species. A sense of community can be difficult to find in today’s society. People are more distracted, accustomed to convenience, and can have increasing levels of anxiety when in social situations. More than ever, the world is in desperate need of tight-knit communities and a sense of togetherness. With that said, let’s look at the benefits of forming tight communities and ways to enhance doing so. 

A sense of community can benefit all of those who are a part of it. One of the ways you and those around you can enjoy your community is by coming together in times of need. The old saying “it takes a village” rings true. When you and your family are struggling, or need assistance of any kind, it does take a village. Getting to know those within your community, creating a bond, and becoming a meaningful addition to the lives of those in the community, can save you when you’re down and need a helping hand. 

Another way you can benefit as a community is by creating a healthier, happier, all-around better environment for everyone who is a part of it. Communicating the needs of one another, coming together to build better recreational and outdoor areas, volunteering, getting involved in PTA groups in your child’s school, and tending to places throughout the community to ensure they’re well taken care of. All of these things allow the community to be productive members of their society while reaping the benefits. 

Raffles, contests, and events are a fun way to raise money for the projects and upkeep required to keep a productive community running. Putting together a group of people to form a committee can help turn ideas into reality and give the people around you an outlet to focus their energy on the wonderful things they can do for their community. 

As lovely as it is to come together as a whole, not everyone is willing and some people would rather focus on their own life and home. Or perhaps they suffer from anxiety, or shyness that prevents them from getting involved with community events. That’s okay and there’s nothing wrong with choosing your own path. It is helpful to extend gentle invitations to those people to let them know they’re welcome to join if and when they want to. Being sensitive to the needs of everyone in the community is important and takes hard work, but the pros typically outweigh the cons. 

In the end, a sense of community can change your life for the better and the lives of those around you. Nobody wants to feel alone in the world or like nobody has their back. Some people are tough to love and it can be a daunting task at times, but it’s all worth it in the end once you see the change that comes with coming together and working as a community to make your world a better place. 

Cesar Chavez said that “We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community…Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” When one person is left behind in a community, the community at large is left behind.

People from all walks of life will be involved with a community, no matter what their personality type is. Everyone brings their own uniqueness to the table, and those from opposite ends of the personality spectrum will lean on one another to accomplish community goals. “What should young people do with their lives today?” author Kurt Vonnegut once asked. “Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.”

5 Surprise Birthday Ideas For Your Boyfriend Or Husband

Men can be incredibly difficult to shop for in terms of a birthday present (or really any holiday). We’ve all heard the famous male catchphrase “I don’t want anything this year,” and while they can say it over and over, most men don’t actually mean that. If you find yourself in this predicament with your boyfriend or husband’s birthday coming up, there is hope.

There’s a long list of surprise ideas that you can use for your man’s birthday, no matter what his interests are. Whether he’s deep into sports, knowing every player’s statistics over the past 10 years, or prefers the arts more, there’s something special waiting. Here are five surprise birthday ideas for your boyfriend or husband that not only he will enjoy, but you’ll get to have fun alongside him.


Sporting events are a fun and exhilarating experience any fan would love to attend for their birthday. Especially if the sporting event is an important one they’ve been anticipating or involves their favorite team, or favorite sports rivalry. 

It’s also something you can do together as a couple, with family, and friends. Even if you’re not a sports fan yourself,  the energy of the crowd and seeing your partner happy will make it a fun time and give you a memory you’ll both cherish.  

Brewery Tour

A fun idea for the beer-loving guy in your life, a tour of their favorite brewery will make their birthday one to remember, hopefully. Beer is great and specialty beer is even better. Breweries typically have great food pairings to go with their beers within or nearby the establishment. 

In the end, you, your lover, and whoever else they want to bring along can enjoy a nice meal and drinks after viewing the intriguing process of making their favorite brews. It’s bound to be a great, low-key experience for their birthday and you can bring home goodies to enjoy the following days as well. 

Make Them Something 

If you want to melt your loved one’s heart, making them a homemade gift will probably do it.  If you’re the creative type, writing them a song, painting them a picture, baking them their favorite treat, cooking them their favorite meal, any way of using your artistic ability to create them a thoughtful gift is a unique way to show them how much you care. 

Even if you’re not the most creative, there are tons of cute things you can put together on your own that will make their birthday a special one. You could order a personalized gift as well if all else fails. 

Pamper Them 

Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy being pampered. If your guy is comfortable with it, plan a special spa day for them. If they’re apprehensive, pampering them yourself is a great alternative to going to a spa to treat them. Comfort is the most important factor when considering a day of bliss and relaxation, so keep in mind what they like and what they’re comfortable with. 

Book a couples spa package to make it a romantic experience. Or if you’re doing it yourself, prepare some light snacks and refreshing drinks, turn the lights down low, grab the massage oil, and do your thing. 


Who doesn’t love games? Even the most burly guy indulges in some form of gaming. Whether it’s board games, video games, arcade games, sport-focused games, ax throwing, or escape room games, the guy in your life would love a birthday gaming bonanza for his special day. 

Take your man out for a night of fun food, drinks, and fun. Or perhaps put together a nice gift with games they’ve been eyeing and haven’t yet bought for themselves. It’s a sweet, yet fun way to show you care about their hobbies. 

5 Surprise Birthday Ideas For Your Girlfriend Or Wife

There are plenty of reasons to give someone a birthday present, though it seems that more and more people these days don’t ask for or want anything on their special day. For those that are in a relationship, you know how difficult it can be to come up with the right gift for someone that won’t budge on the idea of wanting something.

For those that have a girlfriend or wife, coming up with something perfect can be extremely difficult. After struggling with ideas, why not try one of the five surprise gifts that you can get for your significant other. The surprise doesn’t have to be all that expensive to be special, and these ideas will truly have a personal touch that will make her birthday spectacularly memorable.

A trip

One thoughtful way to surprise your loved one for their birthday is by planning a nice trip for them. Whether it’s nearby, out of state, or even abroad, a trip of any kind is a great way to show you care and whisk your partner away from the monotony of their everyday environment. It can be a trip for just the two of you, a family trip, or a trip with all of their closest friends. It’s a great way to forget about daily stressors and spend quality time celebrating the one you love. 

A spa day

Another perfect birthday treat that anyone would love, is a spa day. Getting a manicure, pedicure, massage, and other luxurious treatments will put your partner into a well-deserved state of relaxation and zen. There are plenty of different services you can order to focus on your partner’s needs, or maybe you want to spoil them even further and buy a spa package with every luscious treatment available. Most spa locations offer a couples package as well, so you and your loved one can unwind together. 

A day with loved ones 

When you don’t know exactly what your partner wants to do for their birthday, you can start with the basics. Surprise them by gathering all of the people they’re closest to and working together to come up with something your partner will love. You could throw them a surprise party with all of their loved ones, or maybe go out to eat at their favorite restaurant and find a fun activity you can all do together. The presence of their friends and family will ensure they have a great time because sometimes it’s the people you’re with that really makes a special day more special. 

Gifts they love

Everyone loves gifts. Sure, birthdays aren’t all about the gifts, but most people would be lying if they said they didn’t get a little excited when presented with a surprise all wrapped up in pretty paper and a bow. Homemade or personalized gifts are a fantastic way to show your loved one how much thought you put into their gift and will touch their heart in a special way. Or maybe you want to go all out and buy them a fancy present. Though your gift doesn’t have to be expensive, homemade, or the best ever. The thought is enough to make them smile. 

Somewhere they loved going to or never got to go as a kid

A really fun gift idea that has been trending lately is doing fun things their inner child loves doing, or would have loved doing if it’s an activity they never had the chance to do. It makes for an extra special and thoughtful gift that is guaranteed to touch their heart. Whether it’s a place they’ve always dreamt of going, a fun activity that unleashes the big kid in them, or giving them the biggest and best cartoon-themed birthday they never had, it’s a memory they won’t forget. 

5 Tips To Deal With A Difficult Person In Your Life

There is going to be a time in everyone’s life when they have to deal with a difficult person, or at least someone that they perceive as difficult. These people can cause a lot of unwanted stress in your life and affect almost every aspect of it. Sometimes there are quick solutions to help when dealing with a difficult person, while other times it can be a long process.

If you find yourself in this situation, it can be easy to want to give up and walk away. However, we have some tips to deal with a difficult person that may make things much easier for you.

1. Establish and Enforce Boundaries 

When dealing with a difficult person in your life, it’s important to set and enforce boundaries.   Keeping your personal space comfortable and safe is important when taking your own mental health into account. It can be emotionally and mentally draining to handle the crushing weight a tumultuous relationship with a difficult person can put on you. 

So, drawing a line in the sand and giving yourself and the other person a set list of hard boundaries can be a helpful tool. Along with enforcing them as needed if the other person crosses any of those lines.  

2. Share Your Feelings With Them In Private

Sometimes all it takes is being down to earth, open, and honest with a difficult person in your life. The human experience is incredibly unique and we all experience it in different frequencies.  A difficult person may not understand the effect their actions and words have on others. 

Sharing your feelings with them in private isn’t always easy, but could be the right thing to do.  Practicing open communication with the difficult people in your life helps you to let go of the mental burden of holding in your thoughts and feelings, as well as gives the other party a deeper understanding of how you perceive their treatment.  

3. Find Common Ground

Although we all experience life in our own unique way, we are all capable of sharing similar experiences, thoughts, and traits, amongst other things. You and them may have more in common than you initially realize. Sometimes we think we have someone all figured out, but there’s more to people than what we see on the surface. 

With the previously mentioned act of open communication can also come finding common ground with one another.  It may bring a lighter and more personal dimension to the relationship between you and the difficult people in your life, possibly strengthening the bond you have together.  

4. See Things From Their Perspective 

It’s important to see things from the difficult person’s perspective just as much as it is that they see things from yours. Oftentimes a difficult person could be fighting battles they keep hidden within themselves. When a person is troubled and struggling inside, it is bound to come to the surface and affect those around them.  

Someone you may perceive as a “difficult person” could be a person in distress and using their unsavory behavior as a cry for help. Talk with them and try to see things from their side and you might be surprised by what you learn. 

5. Ignore Them 

In the end, if a difficult person becomes more than just a “thorn in your side”, it may be time to cut times without them altogether, or until they clean up their act. Your own mental, emotional, and physical health are more important than your relationship with a person who brings you down and doesn’t contribute anything worthwhile to your life.  

It almost never comes with ease and can be one of the most heartbreaking things you’ll have to endure, but your overall quality of life will have the opportunity to improve once the pain subsides and you’re able to heal. 

5 Red Flags In Relationships

Tired of getting years into a relationship and learning it was destined for failure from the start? Looking for red flags early in dating can help you determine whether a suitor is potential partner material earlier in the process, saving you heartache and opening the door for the right person at the right time.

It’s important to keep in mind that no partner is perfect. One red flag is not a reason to abandon ship. If you notice one or even two red flags, have an open conversation with your partner about your concerns. If you notice red flags in yourself, seek counseling. It’s never too late to become a better version of yourself. 

Onward! Five red flags you should keep an eye out for in relationships. 

The first red flag is entitlement.

Keeping an eye out for entitlement early can save you trouble later. Somebody suffering some self-entitlement believes they’re owed special treatment. 

Does your partner believe the rules don’t apply to him or her?  Do they often forget about the needs of those around them? Do they think they deserve special treatment when they go out, because of their title or some other reason? 

The second red flag is jealousy and mistrust. 

Occasional jealousy and mistrust are common and even normal. But constant or consistent mistrust is a red flag. Trust is the foundation to any healthy relationship and it starts early. 

Your partner might be overly jealous or mistrustful if: 

  • they accuse you of cheating on them (and you aren’t)
  • they remain in constant contact with you
  • they prevent you from spending time with others or insist on tagging along when you do
  • they search your phone, read your messages, or invade your privacy
  • they check on you to see if you are where you said you would be 

The third red flag is the inability to resolve conflict in a healthy way. 

Observe closely when conflicts arise. Does your partner place blame, deny their involvement, shut down, or lose their temper? 

Conflict is bound to arise in any long-term relationship, and the right partner can work through conflict in a constructive and respectful way. They should be able to both listen to your concerns and express their own concerns without demeaning or degrading you. 

The fourth red flag is gaslighting. 

Simply put, gaslighting is a form of manipulation that leads you to believe you’re crazy or losing your mind. It might involve distracting you, lying to you, discrediting you, blaming you, minimizing your feelings, and rewriting history in their favor. 

A gaslighter might ask you to make eggs for breakfast, and then lose their temper when you serve them and tell you they asked for pancakes. When all is said and done, you begin to wonder if you really are losing your mind and they asked for pancakes after all.

The fifth red flag is harming your relationship with friends and family. 

If your partner is hurting healthy relationships with people you love, it’s a red flag. If the people you love don’t accept your partner for reasons out of their control, that’s another topic – and begs the question whether those relationships are healthy are not.

5 Ways to Know If You’re With “The One”

Your heart pounds when you are together. You can stop thinking of the person when you’re apart. So far, the relationship is incredible, and you are beginning to think about wedding bells. Are you moving too quickly, or not quickly enough?

Here are five ways to be sure that the person you are with is "The One.":

Number 1: You Can Be Yourself

Everyone tries to be the best version of themselves when dating someone new. But that can’t last forever. Before committing to a life together, you should feel comfortable dropping your mask of perfection around the person without worrying about the consequences. Remember, "the one" will accept you for who you are and never ask you to change.

Number 2: You Would Choose the Person as a Just a Friend

Yes, physical attraction is vital to a long, happy marriage, but it is just one puzzle piece. After all, intense attraction can become a problem, leading you to make poor decisions about making a long-term commitment. The person you marry should be someone you would choose to spend time with as just a friend. If you can only connect in the bedroom, you probably don’t want to commit to a lifetime together. 

Number 3: The Person Supports Your Goals and Dreams

People desire different things out of life. And that is okay. You and your partner don’t need to want precisely the same things, but they should be compatible. Anyone who belittles your goals or discourages you from going after your dreams isn’t for you. But that special person will not only encourage you to reach for the stars but will make you feel like you can be successful in reach.

Number 4: Your Friends and Family Adore the Person

Sure, you should marry whoever you want at the end of the day. However, it is much easier if all the people in your life like each other. Expecting those around you to adore your future spouse as much as you do may not be realistic. However, everyone should all be able to spend time together on a holiday without a fight breaking out. Remember, it goes both ways. You should have a good relationship with your future spouse’s friends and family as well. 

Number 5: You Figured Out How to Resolve Conflicts Successfully

Marriage is never easy. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. But it is not the difficult times or the conflicts that break people up. It is the couples’ inability to resolve disagreements without creating even more damage. Until you are confident you have the type of relationship that can survive serious quarrels, it’s a good idea to postpone any wedding plans.