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5 Novel Ideas for Your Wedding

As you plan your big day, the possibilities can feel absolutely overwhelming. Everything from how to set up the venue to what wedding favors to choose likely swirls through your head, leaving you struggling to choose between all the options. The problem only gets worse from there as you try to make things feel personal to your union. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Here are five novel ideas you can use to streamline your wedding plans and make them feel 100% unique.

Use Circular Ceremony Seating

Circular ceremony seating puts your and your future spouse at centerstage for your big day. All your attendees will feel like the guest of honor, too, ensuring they get the ideal view of your nuptials. Plus, your photographer will have their pick of fantastic angles to shoot all your photos.

All you have to do is find a venue that supports this setup – no front stage allowed. Then, have the chairs arranged in a circular formation around a central area big enough for you, the love of your life, and your chosen officiant.

Create Annual Advice Cards

Wedding guestbooks let you look back on your big day with fondness as you remember all your treasured attendees. But it’s also a complete and total yawnfest, especially as your guests line up to sign their names.

So, go one step further with the idea and turn your guestbook into annual advice cards. You can then open the cards on anniversaries and put your guests’ thoughtful advice into action year after year.

To do this, just hand out cards numbered with different years as guests arrive. Then, instruct them to write their best advice on the cards before sealing them in the provided envelopes.

Enjoy Pub Trivia with Dinner

All too often, wedding reception dinners end up stuffy affairs. So, if you want to keep things lively, you’ll need to think outside the box and roll out pub trivia.

Although this takes a little extra work ahead of time, it’ll get everyone in the mood to party it up after dinner ends. To ensure it all goes off without a hitch, choose your funniest friend to run the ordeal – or hire someone to handle it for you.

Want to take the pub trivia experience to the next level? Skip the fancy four-course meal in favor of food truck madness!

Hire a Talented Live Event Painter

Photographs are cool and all. But how about having your wedding scenes painted by hand? From the moment you walk out of the chapel together to your first dance as a married couple, every last scene just looks more magical when done in oil, acrylic, or watercolor paints.

You’ll still want to have a photographer get all the rest of the shots, of course. The live event painter will just be there to capture the most striking memories of the day.  

Hand Out Toy Lightsabers and Swords

Bubbles. Mints. Magnets. They’re all fine as wedding favors, but they don’t get the party going. Fortunately, it’s easy to jazz things up in an instant by handing out toy lightsabers and swords to your guests.

As your wedding guests get their faux weaponry, ordinary dances quickly turn into dance battles to remember. The scene just gets even more crazy as the open bar fuels the fun, ensuring you get some truly epic photos out of the deal.

As you roll out these novel ideas for your wedding, don’t be surprised if they take the world by storm. Before you know it, your friends will want to borrow from your plans as they figure out the details for their own big day. If that happens, just remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.