Does Your Cat Hate You? Here Are The Signs To Watch Out For

No one who shares their heart and home with a fuzzy feline friend expects their cat to hate them — but it happens. Cats are notoriously picky, and it’s not difficult to earn their displeasure. Keep in mind, however, that your cat probably doesn’t literally hate you. He or she just hates something that you’re doing. It could be as simple as wearing a fragrance that the cat finds unpleasant or feeding it food that isn’t tasty. It is also possible that you’re misreading your cat’s signals. Cats, especially during their kitten months, often scratch and bite as a form of play. Following are several signs that your cat may hate you. 

Your Cat Avoids You

Avoidance is probably the most telltale sign that your cat hates you. If your cat scrambles to hide when you enter a room, you should ask yourself what you may be doing to cause this behavior. It could be as simple as the cat being taken by surprise when the door opens. On the other hand, the cat may actually prefer not to be around you. If your cat accepts being petted and otherwise shows no other signs that it hates you, it’s likely that it’s just temporarily startled. Try opening and closing the door more softly and see if that helps. 

Your Cat Stares at You and Doesn’t Blink

One of the ways cats show trust and affection is to slowly blink as they stare into your eyes. Simply staring at you without blinking may not mean that your cat hates you, but it definitely means it doesn’t trust you. The next time you catch your cat staring at you, slowly blink while holding the animal’s gaze. This will convey to the cat that it has your trust. After several days of doing this without your cat blinking back, it probably hates you. 

Your Cat’s Tail is Twitching

A twitching tail is a sign that your cat is annoyed. It may not hate you, but something in the environment is causing it consternation. Check to see if something is unusual or out of place. Perhaps a strange cat is lurking outside. Always be careful around a cat with a twitching tail. This is a sign that the animal is on high alert and prepared to defend itself with teeth and claws. If your cat’s tail is twitching, do not pick it up and try to pet it. 

Your Cat Has Its Ears Laid Back

When a cat’s ears are flattened on the back of its head, that means the cat is very angry. Do not attempt to physically engage with a cat while its ears are laid back. This is a sign that the cat is about to attack. Try to find out what is bothering the cat while keeping your distance. 

Keep in mind that your cat may be temporarily annoyed with you, but not really hate you.