Having a Bad Day? Why Mercury Retrograde Could Be to Blame

Have you experienced bad luck recently or even had unusual trouble with family and friends? Did you know that many people would say that these could be the effects of the planet Mercury and it’s solar orbit in relation to Earth? Here’s how astrologists think the phenomenon known as Mercury retrograde influences everyday life.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury retrograde is an astrological event where Mercury appears to be moving in the opposite direction from its usual path. This event has been linked to life and personality changes during its nearly month-long occurrence. Astrologists believe that communication and technology become disrupted during retrogrades. If you’re curious why life seems to be spiraling out of control during a Mercury retrograde period, it’s possible the retrograde could be affecting you in one or more of the following ways:

Issues in Communication

In astrology, Mercury is the planet related to communication. The fact that it appears to be moving backwards creates all sorts of disruptions when it comes to our expression. Mercury’s retrograde can cause us to experience issues such as:

  • Difficulty making and keeping friends
  • Fighting with loved ones
  • Difficulties at work
  • General miscommunication (forgetting to tell someone something, vice versa)
  • General confusion

These are the most common problems people face in the retrograde time period. Events in your work life may be delayed, which could make them more difficult to push through. Miscommunications could happen on the daily — lost emails and unsent texts, people saying things they don’t mean, you saying things you don’t mean. It can seem a little messy. Just remember, with time, things will return to normal.

Emotional Struggles

In these times of communication difficulty, you might find yourself struggling with anger, sadness, or even anxiety. If you have experienced loss, you may find it hard to cope due to the misunderstandings you’re dealing with. Even if it’s minuscule events, they can still mess with your vibration and energy, and make you feel lethargic. Confusion and irritability are totally understandable if you frequently notice miscommunication during the retrograde.

Bad Luck

It can seem as if the world is out to get you when Mercury is in retrograde. Many of us experience misfortune during these times and may find ourselves anticipating the next moment of bad luck. Normally, though, the bad luck attributed to Mercury retrograde isn’t usually too significant, and it often relates back to miscommunication. 

How To Prepare For The Next Retrograde

Going through this astrological event can take a lot out of you, considering the problems it causes with communication. Once life settles back into normalcy for you, you may want to develop a plan for coping with the next one. There are things you can do during the next retrograde to make life flow a bit more smoothly:

  • Reread things carefully.
  • Be open to different thoughts and opinions.
  • Allow yourself room for error.
  • Participate in anxiety-relieving activities.
  • Remember the retrograde is temporary.

Whether or not you believe in Mercury retrograde, this is pretty useful advice either way! Whatever the source, tough times can be difficult to get through, but using effective strategies to combat the negative effects – and remembering that, like Mercury retrograde, it won’t last forever! – will help you stay on your feet until it passes.