How To Change Your Mindset For Exam Success

No matter what level of schooling you’re in, it can be difficult to find yourself in the right mindset to get through the studying period. There have been plenty of times in all of our lives when we simply feel stuck when preparing for an exam and it can be extremely overwhelming. Then, we let that stress get to us, and it can negatively impact our performance on the exam.

Thankfully, there are some ways in which you can change how you prepare for your exam, getting yourself mentally and physically ready to take it on at a pace that works for you. If you have an exam coming up and find yourself struggling, check out these tips on how to prepare and change your mindset for exam success.

Take Care Of Yourself

Likely one of the most important basics of studying properly is taking care of your body and mind. It’s nearly impossible to study with positive results if you’re tired, hungry, or full of tension. Make sure you’re sleeping properly, drinking plenty of hydrating fluids, eating well-rounded meals, and using methods to relax and calm yourself. It can be difficult to fit that all in when you’re trying to study for multiple exams at once, but indulging in self-care to your best ability will give you far better results. 

Don’t Do It All At Once

Another important tip to help improve your studying, is don’t cram for an exam, or multiple exams at one time. Life is busy and can get in the way, so sometimes it’s hard not to study for exams all at once. Try breaking down your study load into smaller pieces and spreading them out throughout the week so you have time set aside specifically for focusing on studying. Make sure nothing else is scheduled at that time so you can solely focus on studying during that time. If you have to push it all together, try spreading outbursts for studying throughout the small time frame you have. 

Take Breaks

Studying takes time and sometimes you can lose your momentum before your study block is over. Taking breaks is vital when it comes to studying in a healthy and positive way. Make sure you take breaks as often as needed, without getting too distracted. Take a short walk, get some light exercise, and go out for fresh air. Keep snacks and drinks around so you can take a refreshment break. Clearing your mind and nourishing your body will help you get back to the mindset you need to finish studying without burning out. 

Figure Out Your Learning Style and Use It

One size does not fit all when it comes to learning. Everyone has a unique learning style that helps them process information in a far more efficient way. Find the learning style that best suits your needs and apply it to your studying practices. If you’re a visual learner, try printing out, or drawing diagrams. If reading information is the easiest way for you to process it, make flashcards and write notes that you can go over. If you’re the kind of person who has an easier time when you have help, try asking a friend to help you study. 

Study in the Right Environment For You

Environment affects us more than we think. Creating a comfortable, yet productive environment that helps you keep your mind focused on your task at hand will help you study more efficiently. Try studying at a desk in a comfortable chair that also allows you to keep proper posture. Light a candle, put on music for background noise, keep the temperature comfortable, and keep the environment around you free of clutter. It’ll keep your mind clear and you’ll be able to stick to studying without too many distractions. 

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