How To Help Your Cat Be Happy

If you’re like most people who share their homes and hearts with a feline friend, you want your cat to be as happy as possible. Although they seem like mysterious creatures, making a cat happy isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Here’s what you need to know about making sure your cat is living a happy life. 

Play With Your Cat Every Day

Even though cats seem as if they’re less sociable than dogs, they still need interaction with their humans. Cats of all ages love to play, and it also provides indoor cats with the exercise they need to stay healthy. Change your play routine and switch out the toys to keep things exciting and fun for your cat. Keep toys with strings put away when you aren’t home because playing with these unsupervised has the potential to injure your cat. 

Keep a Clean Litterbox

Cats do not like a dirty litterbox. Failing to keep a clean litterbox may result in your cat using inappropriate areas of your home for elimination, such as your bed or favorite chair. The average litterbox needs to be cleaned at least once per day. Homes with multiple cats should provide a litterbox for each animal — cats don’t like to share their bathrooms. 

Provide Your Cat With a Catio

Catios are outdoor enclosures designed to provide spaces where cats can safely enjoy being outside. These enclosures come in many forms from basic to elaborate. Everyone wins when a catio is part of the picture. Cats get to spend time outdoors, birds and other wildlife are safe from them, and you don’t have to worry about your cat wandering off and getting lost. If you live in an apartment or condo without a yard, you can get a detachable enclosure that fits into a window frame. 

Provide a Sunny Perch Near a Window

Another way to keep your cat happy is to provide a sunny perch near a window. Cats love to bask in sunlight, and being next to window provides an opportunity to watch birds and other interesting things going on outside. Cat perches can be simple, cushioned spots elevated by a post or more complex structures often called cat condos or cat trees. These structures provide cats with climbing, play, and rest areas.

Don’t Forget Flea Treatment

No cat can be happy if it’s always having to scratch itchy places because of fleas. Pet owners often think their indoor cats cannot get fleas, but that is not the case. Fleas enter home interiors in a variety of ways, including on your clothing and the bottoms of your shoes.

Have Your Cat Microchipped

No one plans on their indoor cat getting loose, but no home is foolproof. If your cat gets loose and becomes lost, neither one of you are going to happy. Having your cat microchipped improves the chances of your cat being returned to your home safe and sound.