How To Use Video Games For Stress-Relief

People may experience stress in different ways, such as from work, in their daily lives, from relationships, and other factors. This stress can lead to physical, emotional, and mental distress. Researchers from the National Institute of Health, the Royal Society Open Science, and other institutions have been studying how video games could lead to a more stress-free lifestyle, according to Wired.

These conducted studies looked at how some video games could reduce depression symptoms, can provide positive social experiences, and be used as coping tools after being exposed to a stressful situation. Of course, keep in mind that every person reacts differently when playing a video game, and may experience in-game stress depending on the situation. Check out these following methods on how to relief stress using a video game.

Play Casual Games for Quick Mental Breaks

Casual games with short matches and simple challenges can temporarily distract you from your stressful situation. This method is great when you feel that your stress is building over a situation, as it allows you to decompress your mind and take a short mental break. You can play the game for a few minutes, complete challenges that help bolster your confidence and bring a positive feeling, and then put the game down and continue on with your day.

Use Cooperative Games for Empowerment and Camaraderie

Cooperative games are designed to perform a task or complete a challenge with other players. Sometimes a person who isolates themselves for social interaction can experience stress symptoms, according to the American Psychological Association (APA).

Engaging in cooperative games can help people connect with fellow gamers and friends which can feel comforting. When players help one another to win, they are gaining support and feeling empowered by overcoming these challenges together. This method can relieve stress.

Play Skill-Building Games to Develop Problem-Solving Abilities

A person may experience stress because they are in a situation that they cannot solve. They don’t understand how to fix the issue to move past this movement, which causes the stress to build. Skill-building games are designed to challenge the mind in fun ways so that you can enhance your quick thinking and problem-solving skills. They help you evaluate puzzles in new and engaging ways as this same mindset can be used when facing challenges in the real world.

Focus on Games That You Enjoy

The one thing to always keep in mind is that if you enjoy the game, it can help you relax and find comfort. If the game can help you further understand your stressful feelings and develop ways to cope and overcome the anxiety, then you can find yourself able to use what you learned in real-life situations.

However, not all games can be used as a stress reliever. Try to avoid games that are addictive or seem to contribute to your stress even after you turn the game off. Instead, focus on those that bring a more positive mental and emotional factor to your life.

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