Is An Electric Car Right For You? 4 Important Questions To Ask

Electric cars and trucks are becoming more common on our roads every day. This cutting-edge technology promises to dramatically reduce vehicle emissions – not to mention eliminate your gas bill. But it doesn’t come without potential downsides for some drivers. So how do you know whether an electric car is right for you? Read on as we outline four questions you’ll need to consider before heading to the dealership.

1. How Far Are Your Usual Drives?

This may be the most crucial question in determining whether a fully electric car is a good choice for your lifestyle. If you’re generally only undertaking a short to medium commute or errands around town, you’re an ideal electric car user. Electric vehicles can take care of all of these tasks with power to spare before needing a charge. However, those who regularly have long drives or spend much of their workday in their car might find the range and battery charge insufficient. These folks may be better off with a gas-electric hybrid or a traditional vehicle.

2. Where Do You Live (and Work)?

Different towns, states, and regions all have different electric vehicle infrastructure – and this can make a huge difference in figuring out whether an electric car is right for you. In some areas, parking lots or garages may include reserved spots for electric vehicles with access to chargers. Some spots even have fast chargers that allow you to juice up during a quick trip to the supermarket or big box store. With access to extensive charging stations and reserved spots, you can dramatically expand the range of your vehicle through mid-day charges.

3. What’s Your Budget?

Unfortunately, the modern technology that powers electric vehicles isn’t cheap. Those purchasing an electric vehicle may find it thousands or even tens of thousands more expensive than comparable hybrid or gas models. Quite simply, this may put electric vehicles out of reach for some more budget-conscious buyers. Even those who can afford electric models should consider whether the extra cost is truly worth it, especially considering the loss in value many cars typically see.

4. What Are Your Values?

Electric cars help eliminate, vehicle-by-vehicle, one of the world’s biggest sources of planet-warming greenhouse gases – gasoline and diesel engines for transportation. Many hear the dire warnings about climate change and feel that they can do their part to slow the warming of the climate by switching to electric. For these folks, it may not matter that they have to shift their behavior to charge their vehicles mid-trip or pay more than they might have to otherwise. An electric car may be right for you if your values of protecting the climate and reducing pollution are worth more to you than financial or logistical concerns.

Electric Cars: Perfect Choice For Some, Poor Choice For Others

Whether an electric, hybrid, or traditional vehicle is in your future, the most important thing is to find the one that makes sense for you and your driving situation. While electric vehicles offer dramatic reductions in emissions and cut your transportation costs on an ongoing basis, they may not fit your lifestyle or your budget. Consider all this information carefully and you’ll be prepared the next time you head to the dealership.