The 5 Best Places To Live In The USA

Finding the right place to live in the United States can be difficult. There are a lot of things to take into account when trying to pick the city you’re going to call home for the foreseeable future. There are variables such as climate, education, the job market, housing, and much more that all play a part in what makes a city a desirable place to live.

It’s hard to narrow it down to just a few places in the United States that really stand out since they all have their pros and cons, but there are a few that really stand out above the rest. Here are the five best places to live in the USA overall when all factors are considered, with one state boasting two cities on the list.

Boulder, Colorado 

Boulder, Colorado is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country in recent years. It is quickly becoming a place of interest for those looking to relocate. Boulder is ranked #4 of the best cities to live in the US in 2022. Even taking the #1 spot the two years prior. 

The metro population consists of over 320,000 people, with an average annual income of over $70,000 yearly. Although the cost of living in Boulder can exceed a quarter of the average household’s salary, a hefty income helps to balance it out. 

San Jose, California

San Jose comes in at #5 on the list of best places to live in 2022. The diversity throughout the city gives residents, and those visiting, a taste of an array of rich cultures. Explore the streets of Little Portugal, Little Italy, Little Saigon, or Japantown. 

Or maybe take in the lush and plentiful nature on the many hiking trails you’ll find. It’s a beautiful city with an even more beautiful melting pot of people and cultures. San Jose is also the epicenter of Silicon Valley and has a booming job market with high-paying salaries. The annual average income is over $90,000 and provides residents with the means to afford the comfortable and lavish lifestyles California is known for. 

Green Bay, Wisconsin 

Green Bay, Wisconsin holds over 320,000 residents, earning an average annual income of $50,000. Green Bay earns a spot on this list due to the low cost of living in comparison to the yearly earnings the average resident takes in. 

It makes for a comfortable and financially secure home, something nearly everyone would find appealing. The bustling art, entertainment, and comforting food scene are just a bonus. Green Bay has been ranked #3 of the best places to live in 2022. 

Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Colorado Springs is an even more breathtaking Colorado city to make the cut, ranked #2 in the best places to live in 2022. The incredible scenery and mountainous landscape make it a hopeful contender when considering relocation. Spots like the Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak are a must-see. You can enjoy a thrill seekers’ paradise with white water rafting and zip-lining available as well. The people are friendly, the school districts are above average, and the weather is tamer than most places, while still giving you four seasons throughout the year. 

Huntsville, Alabama

Ranked #1 in best places to live in 2022, Huntsville Alabama is a surprisingly desirable destination. One of the fastest growing cities in the US, Huntsville offers residents a blossoming job market with companies like Amazon and Facebook building a fulfillment center and $1 billion data center, offering up even more job opportunities. 

Another perk of living in Huntsville is the people. Huntsville residents are known to be kind and friendly, with a strong sense of community. The schools aren’t half bad either. They’re ranked as some of the tops in the country. 

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