The 5 Craziest Celebrity Demands

The world of celebrity is filled with excess and extravagance, and often the most outrageous demands of stars make headlines around the world. From demanding kittens and doves to insisting on specific color schemes, celebrities have been known to ask for some pretty outrageous things. Today we’ll take a closer look at some of the craziest celebrity demands, and what they reveal about the often-quirky world of high-profile performers.

Mariah Carey’s Demand for White Kittens and 20 White Doves

Mariah Carey is known for her diva-like behavior, and her demand for white kittens and 20 white doves before every performance is no exception. The pop icon is said to require a basket of white kittens in her dressing room, along with a crate of 20 white doves that are released during her shows. The logistics of fulfilling this request are complicated, and it’s unclear why Carey has such a fascination with white animals. However, the demand has become a part of Carey’s larger-than-life persona, and fans seem to love it.

Beyoncé’s Requirement for Titanium Straws

When it comes to health and wellness, Beyoncé is known for being one of the most health-conscious celebrities in the business. In addition to following a strict vegan diet, the pop superstar reportedly requires titanium straws to drink alkaline water during her performances. The straws are said to be reusable and designed to filter out any impurities in the water. While some health experts have praised the benefits of alkaline water, there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that titanium straws are necessary to enjoy it.

Lady Gaga’s Request for Mannequins with Puffy Pink Pubic Hair

Lady Gaga is no stranger to controversy, and her request for mannequins with puffy pink pubic hair is one of her most outrageous demands to date. The singer reportedly requested the mannequins for her 2013 album release party, and the message behind the demand is unclear. Some have speculated that Gaga was making a statement about gender norms and body hair, while others have suggested that it was just another example of the singer’s love of the bizarre.

Jennifer Lopez’s Insistence on a White Dressing Room

Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest stars in the world, and her demands are often reflective of her larger-than-life persona. One of her most famous requests is for a white dressing room, complete with white flowers and white furniture. The color white is said to represent purity and cleanliness, and Lopez has been known to insist on it in all of her performances. While the request may seem a bit excessive, it’s just another example of how stars like Lopez like to create their own unique worlds when they perform.

Kanye West’s Demand for All Staff to Wear 100% Cotton Clothing

Kanye West is known for his eclectic style and love of fashion, and his request for all staff to wear 100% cotton clothing during his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show is no exception. The rapper reportedly insisted that all staff wear the same outfits to create a sense of unity and cohesion, and the 100% cotton fabric was chosen for its durability and breathability. While some staff members complained about the restriction, others saw it as a sign of West’s commitment to his vision and his attention to detail.

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