The Easy Way to Learn to Code

If you want to learn how to code, you’re in luck. It’s never been easier. There are now more ways to learn to code than ever before. You can go to a coding boot camp, watch online video courses, or even use an app on your phone. And if you want to get started for free, there are plenty of resources.

The hardest part of learning to code is usually getting started. But once you get over that initial hurdle, it’s not as difficult as it seems. And the more you do it, the easier it gets. Here are the five basics to guide you in the code learning journey:

1:  Choose the Right Language

The first step to learning to code is choosing the correct language. There are dozens of programming languages, but some are more popular than others. If you’re starting, it might be overwhelming to try and learn all of them. But don’t worry, you don’t need to.

The most popular programming language is Java. It’s used in everything from Android apps to major web applications like Google Docs. If you want to learn to code for the web, JavaScript is the language you need to know. Python is another popular language used in scientific computing and data analysis.

Choose the correct language for you and the project you want to build. If you’re not sure, start with Java or JavaScript. These universal languages will give you a good foundation for learning other languages.

2:  Find the Right Resources

Once you’ve chosen a language, it’s time to find the right resources to help you learn. If you’re paying for a Bootcamp or an online course, you should have access to a robust set of resources that will help you understand the language. But if you’re learning for free, plenty of options are still available.

One great way to learn to code is by using Codecademy’s interactive exercises. With these, you can learn the basics of a programming language without having to download or install anything.

Once you’re ready to move on from the basics, try Code School. They offer both free and paid courses in a variety of programming languages. And for a more in-depth learning experience, there’s always Treehouse. They offer monthly and annual subscriptions with access to hundreds of hours of video content.

3:  Join the Community

One of the best things about learning to code is a large and supportive community of coders. No matter what language you’re learning, there are forums, online chatrooms, and even in-person meetups where you can connect with other coders.

This community can be a great resource when you’re stuck on a problem or need some motivation to keep going. It’s also a great way to make friends and network with others in the industry. So don’t be afraid to reach out and join the community.

4:  Work on Projects

One of the best ways to learn to code is by working on projects. This will help you practice what you’ve learned and give you a chance to build something that you can show off to other people.

If you’re not sure what kind of project to work on, try looking for some inspiration on sites like GitHub. This is a great way to see what other people are working on and find projects you might be interested in contributing to.

You can also look for project ideas on sites like CodePen. These are collections of small projects you can code in an afternoon or a weekend. And once you’ve completed a few of these, you’ll have a portfolio of work to show off to potential employers.

5:  Keep Learning

Once you’ve learned the basics of coding, it’s essential to keep learning. The world of technology is always changing, and new languages and frameworks are constantly being created. So it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

One way to do this is by reading blogs and articles from industry professionals. Some of my favorites include Smashing Magazine, The Next Web, and Mashable. These sites will keep you up-to-date on the latest news in the world of technology.

Another great way to keep learning is by attending conferences and meetups. These are great opportunities to network with other coders and learn about new languages and frameworks. And if you can’t make it to a conference, there are often live streams or recordings of the speeches that you can watch online.

Learning to code is a great way to make yourself more marketable in today’s job market. And with the right resources, it’s easier to get started. So what are you waiting for? Start learning today