The Secrets of Success: How Drew Barrymore Got Famous

Drew Barrymore is a well-known name in the entertainment industry, famous for her work as an actress, producer, and director. From her early years in the limelight to her personal struggles and success, Drew has had a journey like no other. Today, we explore the secrets of Drew Barrymore’s success and how she became one of the biggest names in show business.

Early Life and Family Background

Drew Barrymore was born into an acting family in 1975, with both her parents and grandparents working in the entertainment industry. She made her debut at the tender age of eleven months in a dog food commercial and continued to appear in various TV shows and films throughout her childhood.

However, it wasn’t until Steven Spielberg’s acclaimed film “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” that Drew Barrymore became a household name. The film, which grossed over $700 million worldwide, catapulted Drew into the spotlight and opened up new opportunities for her in the industry.

Breakthrough Role

Following the success of “E.T.”, Drew Barrymore went on to star in several more films, including “Firestarter” and “Irreconcilable Differences.” However, despite her early success, Drew’s career began to falter in the late 1980s due to her struggles with addiction.

It wasn’t until the mid-1990s that Drew was able to make a comeback, thanks to her role in the romantic comedy “The Wedding Singer.” The film was a commercial success and helped to re-establish Drew as a leading lady in Hollywood.

Ups and Downs

Despite her newfound success, Drew’s personal struggles continued to plague her. In 2001, she checked herself into rehab for the first time, and by 2007, she had been through several stints in rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.

However, Drew remained determined to overcome her personal demons and continue her successful career. She went on to star in films such as “50 First Dates” and “Charlie’s Angels,” becoming one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

Starting Her Own Production Company

In 1995, Drew Barrymore founded Flower Films, a production company that has gone on to produce several hit films, including “Never Been Kissed,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

Through Flower Films, Drew has been able to take on more creative control and produce films that she is passionate about. The company has also helped to establish her as an influential figure in Hollywood, both in front of and behind the camera.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Drew Barrymore’s personal life has been the subject of much media attention over the years. She has been through several high-profile relationships and marriages, including to Tom Green and Will Kopelman, with whom she has two daughters.

However, Drew is also known for her philanthropic efforts, working with organizations such as the World Food Programme and the United Nations to combat child hunger. She has also been involved in several environmental initiatives, including the creation of a makeup line that uses sustainable packaging.

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