The Top 8 Legendary Cards in Runeterra

Runeterra, the world of the popular card game Legends of Runeterra, has some of the most iconic and exciting cards in all of gaming. There are many legendary cards with unique abilities that can turn a game around, and they’re not limited to just one type of deck. From fierce dragons to powerful mages and even sneaky assassins, these ten legendary cards are some of the best that Runeterra has to offer.

1) The Dragonlord – This dragon master is a fearsome creature whose presence grants an unstoppable effect if it remains on the field. With its ability to attack any enemy unit, it’s great for preventing opponents from taking control of the board. It’s also great for ramping up your mana quickly so you can play more powerful units. 

2) The Ice Witch – With her icy stares and devastating spells, this frosty mage is one of the most feared and powerful legendary cards in Runeterra. Her Frostbite ability allows you to freeze any enemy unit regardless of its power or toughness. This makes her a great choice for control decks that want to take out opposing threats quickly. 

3) The Veiled Sister – This mysterious figure deals heavy damage with her ability to summon two copies of herself at once, making her incredibly dangerous when left unchecked. She can also use her Shadowshift ability to target any friendly unit with an extra point of health or attack depending on which type she uses—which can be especially useful in aggro decks where playing multiple copies means more damage output overall. 

4) The Glorious Executioner – This deadly warrior has an impressive array of abilities that make him a formidable opponent on the battlefield. He can deal massive amounts of damage by using his Iron Will ability and his Unblockable strikes make him difficult to counterattack against as well! 

5) The Harrowing Prospector – As one might expect from this prospector, he searches for treasures and rewards those who dare approach him–as long as they have enough gold! His Gold Rush ability lets you draw two additional cards if you have 10 or more gold stored up, making it great for decks looking for extra options when building their hand size or finding specific answers. 

6) The Enlightened Seeker – One of Runeterra’s most powerful avatars is this wise old man who wields powerful spells that protect his allies while punishing enemies with divine wrath. His Holy Fervor ability gives both friendly units and himself +1/+1 each time they attack or cast spells–a useful tool for gaining card advantage over your opponents! 

7) The Shadow Isles Vampire– Steeped in mystery but also incredibly deadly when unleashed upon unsuspecting victims, this undead creature drains life from its foes with every attack it makes thanks to its Blood Thirst ability which triggers whenever it damages an enemy unit–meaning every time it attacks there will be another drain effect added on top!  And since it’s one mana costed, it means you won’t be taking too much damage yourself either! 

8) The Mysterious Mage – For those looking for arcane knowledge or ancient secrets held by ancient powers look no further than this enigmatic spellcaster whose Curio Seekers spell lets you search your deck for three random spells—providing invaluable utility in situations where you need answers fast! Just beware: she could also get you into trouble as she casts Oblivion Ring on random targets when summoned!

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