10 Arabic Girls Names That Are Popular In The United States

Arabic names are among the most common in the world, and even those that don’t have ties to the Arabic region find the names to be beautiful and are giving their children these names. In the United States, there are some very popular Arabic girls names, with these 10 being among the most popular in the country:


Famous Aaliyahs: Aaliyah (singer), Aaliyah Ei (model)

One of the most popular Arabic names for girls in the US is Aaliyah. It’s the feminine version of the masculine name, Aali. Aaliyah became a more popular name in the US with the introduction of the famous R&B singer. The meaning of the name refers to someone who is ascending, highborn, and sublime. A name with a strong connection to the Muslim faith and spirituality. 


Famous Fatimas: Fatima Placek (voice actress), Fatima de Tetuan (TikTok star)

Another popularly given name with Arabic origins is Fátima. It refers to a girl who is motherly, abstains and is captivating. It has a particularly special meaning to those practicing the Muslim faith because it’s a name shared by one of Muhammad’s daughters. 


Famous Laylas: Layla Ali (boxer), Layla El (professional wrestler)

The name Layla shares Arabic and Hebrew origins and can be spelled in many variations. It’s derived from the ancient Semitic word “layl”, meaning night. It is typically given to girls who have been born at night, or who are dark beauties. The earliest use of the name was in the Arabian story of Quays and Layla. Another popular use of the name, which is most likely responsible for its rise in popularity in the US, is the song “Layla” by the band Derek and the Dominos, formed by the legendary Eric Clapton.  


Famous Kaylas: Kayla Blake (actress), Kayla Reeves (musician)

With ties to Yiddish, Hebrew, and Arabic origins, the name Kayla means the crown of laurels. A laurel crown is made from bay laurel leaves and represents triumph and status. I’m Yiddish the name Kayla means slim and fair. 


Famous Aisha: Aisha Tyler (actress), Aisha Dee (actress)

Another popular Arabic name in the US is Aisha. Aisha was the wife of Muhammad and has special meaning to people of the Muslim faith. The name means “life”, “alive”, “she who lives”, or “womanly” and can be spelled in many different variations. 


Famous Imanis: Imani (rapper), Imani Hakim (actress)

Imani is a strong and traditional Arabic name. It means “belief”, or “faith”. Imani is a unisex name, but most often given to girls. It is sometimes shortened to Iman, as well. 


Famous Zaras: Zara Larsson (singer), Zara Phillips (princess)

The name Zara is a highly popular variation of the Arabic-derived name Zahrah. Zara stands for “radiance” and describes those given the name as a “blooming flower”. 


Famous Mariams: Mariam Musa (reality star), Mariam Olivera (Instagram star)

With Arabic and Hebrew origins, the name Mariam means “drop of the sea”, “star of the sea”, “bitterness”, or “beloved”. Mariam is another traditional name strong in faith, making it popular among the Muslim religion. 


Famous Amiras: Amira Harvey (actress), Amira Shiwraj (TikTok star)

The name Amira, sometimes spelled Emira, Ameera, or Amirah, has Arabic, Hindi, and Hebrew origins. The Arabic derivative means “Princess” and is a recently popular name for girls in the US.  


Famous Inayas: Inaya Day (singer), Inaya Ashanti (TikTok star)

Inaya, occasionally spelled Anaya, is the feminine version of the name Inayat and is a Quranic word. It stands for “care”, “concern”, and “solicitude”. It is also said to mean “gift from god”. 

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