5 Best Hacks For Your iPhone

The iPhone is the most common smartphone in use around the world, and for good reason. The Apple smartphone has had amazing features since its inception, though it seems that there’s an endless list of tricks that aren’t commonly know. With the number of features being too long to list, there’s a lot that your iPhone can do that isn’t listed in the manual.

If you feel like tinkering around with your iPhone and seeing some of the cool features that you may not have known about, check out these five iPhone hacks.

1. Freeze your screen to prevent people from scrolling or swiping.

One incredibly useful trick you can do with your iPhone is you can actually freeze the touchscreen function while still displaying your screen. An especially helpful tool for parents of young and curious children who enjoy swiping the screen and pressing any and all buttons they get ahold of. 

Or when you’re showing off something in your phone to a nosey person who takes it upon themselves to start scrolling through your camera roll, or notifications. All you have to do is turn on Guided Access and when you’re done, press the home button three times in a row to shut off the feature. 

2. Use the Measure App as a household tool.

The Measure app comes pre-installed on any iPhones running iOS 12 and later. You can check if your iPhone needs any updates by going to settings, general, then software updates and updates if needed. 

The Measure app uses the camera to take pictures of objects and then measure their height, width, and even surface area with mostly accurate data taken by figuring out distances of surrounding objects. Another function offered by the app is one that can determine if a surface is level. 

3. Do a voiceover while recording your iPhone screen.

This iPhone hack is useful when recording an instructional, or how-to video. Go to the control center, and press the screen record button for longer than you normally would, and it’ll launch the recording function. Then select the video, or app you’d like to record your voiceover. 

Beneath that, press the microphone button to record your voice. When you’re ready, press start recording and it will record your screen and voice simultaneously. Press stop recording when you’re finished. 

4. Set a sleep timer so you can listen to music while you fall asleep.

We’ve all fallen asleep while using our phones, waking up abruptly later in the night to the startling sound of a particularly loud and energetic song. Or maybe you put on a relaxing video, or podcast to drown out other sounds while you drift off to sleep, but don’t want your phone to play them the entire night. Well, lucky for you there’s a way to put a stop to that annoyance. 

Open the clock app, click “Timer”, and select the time you want your iPhone to run your preferred music, podcast, or video. But before you press “Start”, click on “When Timer Ends”, scroll down through the lists of sounds until you get to “Stop Playing” and select that, then click “Set”, and then “Start”. 

5. Turn on your ‘Do Not Disturb’ during a movie and have it turn off automatically.

Nobody wants to be the person with their phone going off in the movie theater. You also don’t want to be the person who forgets to turn your notifications back on afterward, in case someone is trying to reach you when your movie, or another event, is finished. 

You can prevent that from happening by using this hack to ensure your Do Not Disturb feature turns itself off after you leave the location. Use the Focus feature in iOS 15, or later, by going to the Do Not Disturb option, under “turn on automatically” you can put in specific times and locations when/where you want the feature to turn on. 

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