10 High Paying Jobs That Need No Prior Experience

If you’re stuck in a low-wage job that doesn’t meet your needs, a career change could drastically increase your income. Here are ten high paying jobs that require no experience to get started.

Railroad/Transit Police

Railroads have their own safety and law enforcement personnel that monitor tracks and trains. You’ll have to graduate from an academy before you can start working, but training at the academy is often paid. The 25th percentile of workers earn more than $50,000, which isn’t a bad starting salary.

Insurance Claims Adjuster

Claims adjusters audit insurance claims, verifying them and determining payouts. The standard is on-the-job training under a more experienced adjuster, and the mean annual wage is just over $70,000.

Power Plant Operator

Being a power plant operator requires extensive training, but it’s paid on-the-job classroom and field training. You could bring in six figures, if you eventually become certified to work in nuclear plants. Lower paid earners still tend to earn more than $60,000.

Elevator Installer

Elevator installers put in elevators and escalators, and they may also make repairs. A four-year paid apprenticeship is required, but you only need a diploma or GED to start an apprenticeship. Fully trained installers average more than $90,000, and can easily reach $100,000 or more.

Construction Manager

You’ll have an easier time becoming a construction manager if you’ve worked in the field, but you don’t necessarily have to. People skills can be even more important than building experience. You’ll likely start out training under someone, but could bring in a median wage of $98,000 after you gain some experience.

Online Proofreader

If you know English and have an eye for detail, you could work from home as an online proofreader. You’ll review papers, articles, ebooks and more. No training is required, and you could immediately bring in $25 or more per hour.


If you can type quickly, you could alternatively work from home as a transcriptionist. Scheduling is flexible, and the only requirement is that you might have to pass a typing test. Expect to earn around $15 per hour starting out, but specializing could raise that to between $25 and $30 hourly.

Car Salesperson

Car salespersons work largely on commission, which means you get paid for performance. You might only earn $28,000 starting out, but experience can boost that to around $46,000. You could also transfer the sales experience to another sales job that pays even more.


If you know two languages, being a translator is a natural fit. You can bring in more than $50,000 translating documents, or you can work as an interpreter that translates live speeches. Knowing two languages well is the most important requirement.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks update digital files with information from paper documents, and they might also check the digital data. Salaries average around $17 to $18, and this is a job that allows you to work for businesses and organizations almost anywhere.