10 Ideas For An Easy And Cheap Night Out

We’re all looking for ways to spend time that are interesting and engaging, and in many cases, we’re also all looking for ways to save money. Unfortunately, these two concepts don’t always intersect, especially if you’re looking for a night out on the town.

Fortunately, your evenings don’t always have to break the bank. Below, you’ll find 10 affordable (and often free) ways to enjoy an evening out of the house.

1. Stargazing

What’s the classic cheap date that is on every list? Picnics.

Well, stargazing is the evening version of the same thing. You can pack an evening picnic and enjoy being under the stars. You can look and see if you have any type of local observatory.

You can even take the stargazing seriously and try to join up with a local astronomy group.

2. Free Movie

If you’re in any kind of an urban environment, then you’ll probably be able to find instances of free movies. Sometimes, they will play at parks. They might otherwise be at local theaters or amphitheaters.

As a fun variant, you can go see a play or live local theater instead.

Discount movie nights might not be free, but they still save money and still have a place on this list.

3. Dancing at a Community Center

Again, you’ll have more options in urban areas, but you can go dancing. There are plenty of bars and clubs that might not be cheap options, but you can look for dancing nights at community centers and senior centers that are usually free or fairly cheap.

You can also look around the area for dance lessons. They’ll often be inexpensive or even free.

4. Museums

Museums are typically inexpensive, and plenty of them are open for at least part of the evening. You can browse the museum, learn something in the process, and have plenty of fun.

5. Volunteering

A night out doesn’t have to be strictly entertaining. Instead, you can volunteer at any number of causes or nonprofits in your area. You can feed the hungry, work with animals, or do whatever work really speaks to you. It’s potentially a more fulfilling way to spend your evening, and it’s rarely an expensive prospect.

6. Camping

Camping is traditionally a free way to spend an evening. That said, camping isn’t actually always that cheap, once you consider equipment, campground fees, and everything else. But, if you already have equipment, it can be a budget option.

If you don’t want to invest, you can trade in a night of camping for an evening walk. You can go for a nice nature walk, or you can walk around downtown or anywhere else you find interesting.

7. Street Entertainment

This is another idea that works best in urban environments. You can take in the often free entertainment that is on the streets of downtown or other populated areas. Many cities have local street artists of many varieties. You might even be able to catch a free show or concert in public areas.

8. Local Sports

Professional sports are notoriously expensive. But, you can enjoy a sporting outing that is inexpensive by staying local. If you have local semi-professional teams, it’s a good place to start. You can also check out college or even high school sports.

9. Game Night

Play board games. Or karaoke. Or anything comparable. If you’re determined to get out of the house, then rotate hosting with your friends, and as long as it isn’t your turn, you won’t be staying in.

10. Casual Sports

You can play casual sports that don’t require any expertise. These include bowling, darts, and billiards, to name a few. They won’t always be free, but they’re often affordable, especially if you take it easy on drinks and snacks while you’re out.

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