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10 Ideas For An Easy And Cheap Night Out

We’re all looking for ways to spend time that are interesting and engaging, and in many cases, we’re also all looking for ways to save money. Unfortunately, these two concepts don’t always intersect, especially if you’re looking for a night out on the town.

Fortunately, your evenings don’t always have to break the bank. Below, you’ll find 10 affordable (and often free) ways to enjoy an evening out of the house.

1. Stargazing

What’s the classic cheap date that is on every list? Picnics.

Well, stargazing is the evening version of the same thing. You can pack an evening picnic and enjoy being under the stars. You can look and see if you have any type of local observatory.

You can even take the stargazing seriously and try to join up with a local astronomy group.

2. Free Movie

If you’re in any kind of an urban environment, then you’ll probably be able to find instances of free movies. Sometimes, they will play at parks. They might otherwise be at local theaters or amphitheaters.

As a fun variant, you can go see a play or live local theater instead.

Discount movie nights might not be free, but they still save money and still have a place on this list.

3. Dancing at a Community Center

Again, you’ll have more options in urban areas, but you can go dancing. There are plenty of bars and clubs that might not be cheap options, but you can look for dancing nights at community centers and senior centers that are usually free or fairly cheap.

You can also look around the area for dance lessons. They’ll often be inexpensive or even free.

4. Museums

Museums are typically inexpensive, and plenty of them are open for at least part of the evening. You can browse the museum, learn something in the process, and have plenty of fun.

5. Volunteering

A night out doesn’t have to be strictly entertaining. Instead, you can volunteer at any number of causes or nonprofits in your area. You can feed the hungry, work with animals, or do whatever work really speaks to you. It’s potentially a more fulfilling way to spend your evening, and it’s rarely an expensive prospect.

6. Camping

Camping is traditionally a free way to spend an evening. That said, camping isn’t actually always that cheap, once you consider equipment, campground fees, and everything else. But, if you already have equipment, it can be a budget option.

If you don’t want to invest, you can trade in a night of camping for an evening walk. You can go for a nice nature walk, or you can walk around downtown or anywhere else you find interesting.

7. Street Entertainment

This is another idea that works best in urban environments. You can take in the often free entertainment that is on the streets of downtown or other populated areas. Many cities have local street artists of many varieties. You might even be able to catch a free show or concert in public areas.

8. Local Sports

Professional sports are notoriously expensive. But, you can enjoy a sporting outing that is inexpensive by staying local. If you have local semi-professional teams, it’s a good place to start. You can also check out college or even high school sports.

9. Game Night

Play board games. Or karaoke. Or anything comparable. If you’re determined to get out of the house, then rotate hosting with your friends, and as long as it isn’t your turn, you won’t be staying in.

10. Casual Sports

You can play casual sports that don’t require any expertise. These include bowling, darts, and billiards, to name a few. They won’t always be free, but they’re often affordable, especially if you take it easy on drinks and snacks while you’re out.

5 Special Ingredients to Add To Your Bread Recipe

By itself, bread is certainly a food that you can enjoy and will fill you up, but it doesn’t have a whole lot of taste. It isn’t until we start mixing in some special ingredients that we really bring out the easy-to-eat texture of bread that we all know and love. If you’re planning on making bread or are already a seasoned veteran when it comes to the kitchen, why not try some new ways to make bread interesting?

Feel free to use any ingredients that you want to make your bread really stand out. For our personal preference, there are five special ingredients that we use, which you can also add to your bread recipes to put a new spin on an old favorite.


One special ingredient you can add to most savory bread dough recipes is the basis for most successful dishes, garlic. Some bread dough recipes already include garlic, like some pizza doughs, focaccias, and naan bread. Giving breads a stronger flavor, without being too overpowering.  

Try adding minced raw garlic, fried garlic, roasted garlic, or even whole garlic cloves inside and as a spread, or topping for any savory bread dough recipes you have in mind. Mixing garlic with seasonings, herbs, and delicious fatty butter, or olive oil will enhance the garlic even more. It’ll build more flavor and another dimension to your salty and savory baked treats. 


Honey is a fantastic addition to bread dough recipes, sweet and savory. Try incorporating sweet, or hot honey into the wet ingredients when making your bread dough. Or come up with a delicious honey-focused topping, or spread for your perfectly baked loaves, or rolls. Honey adds a distinct sweetness with more depth than regular sugar. 

Different types of honey will have different notes of flavor, from fruity to floral. Honey will bring something exciting and comforting to the table in sweet, or savory applications seamlessly. Using it as a simple drizzle is just as delicious too. 


Spices are the foundation of flavor. There are a crazy amount of spices available from all around the world, coming from all different kinds of cultures. Whether you use your favorite go-to seasoning or mix up your own spice blend to add to the dough, or as a finishing seasoning before, or after baking, it’s all bound to be a tasty addition to any bread dough. 

You can add sugar, cocoa powder, cinnamon, or any other warm spices to sweeter breads. Add savory spices like dried rosemary, parsley, garlic salt, hot spices, or any exotic savory spices from around the world that pique your fancy. 


Adding chocolate to anything is usually a pretty fantastic idea. Adding chocolate to your bread dough is bound to end up being a success. You can add cocoa powder, chocolate chunks or chips of varying sweetness. You can whip up a delicious chocolate spread to top off your fresh bread with, or maybe add a sweet chocolate spread center to your baked treats.  

Chocolate boosts your mood, has surprising health benefits, and makes everything taste so scrumptious and sweet. Kids will love the playful ingredient as well. It’s a fun addition to any dessert bread. 


Just like spice blends, herbs add so much more flavor to your bread dough than your standard and sometimes straight-up bland dough recipe. Try adding an herb butter blend, or dried herbs to pizza dough crust, focaccia, rolls, Italian bread, and whatever else your heart desires. 

Rosemary is a beautifully fragrant herb commonly used in bread recipes. Parsley makes a great addition to herb butter used on naan bread, pizza crusts, breadsticks, and garlic bread. It’s sure to add a mouth watering, fresh, and savory flavor to your favorite breads. 

5 Exotic Breads That Are Easy to Bake At Home

There are dozens of bread types around the world, but not all of them are easy to bake. Some require a lot of nuances and can be difficult for most people to get just right. Thankfully, there are also many breads that most people can bake them at home rather easily. If you’re trying to mix things up in the kitchen and add some new breads to your overall diet, here are five exotic ones to try that are easy to bake at home.

Portuguese Sweet Bread

Portuguese sweet bread is a downright delicious bread that will add the perfect amount of sweetness to your day.  After activating the yeast, add ingredients like sugar, milk, and butter. 

Then add the dry ingredients, knead, let rise, then either cut it up into smaller rolls, bake it as a round loaf, or braid it to add a little pizzazz to the dessert bread. Just make sure that you’re eating this bread as quickly as you can, though, as it can go incredibly stale in just one day!


Challah is a prized bread that first originated within the Ashkenazi Jewish community. It’s enjoyed during Passover, Shabbat, and really any occasion worth celebrating. Though, anyone can enjoy this tasty and whimsical-looking bread anytime, anywhere, even in the comfort of their own home. Challah is a bread made with few ingredients but delivers an impressive look and flavor nonetheless. 

To make it, you first activate the yeast in sugar water, add in a good amount of eggs that give the bread its signature texture, add the dry ingredients, knead the dough, and let the dough rise. When risen, divide the dough into six pieces, roll them out into long strands, braid the dough to make that classic challah shape, and brush it with egg before baking. 


Sometimes thought of as pizza’s boring cousin, focaccia is actually delicious and stands out on its own. Not to mention there’s so many ways you can decorate your focaccia with vibrant, colorful, and fragrant vegetables, seasonings, and herbs, before baking. The high gluten content gives the bread the best airy and chewy texture, paired with a golden brown and crunchy bottom and a beautifully seasoned top. 

It’s great to eat on its own, dipped in sauce, or oil, or loaded with toppings. It’s easy to make at home too. Like most bread, you activate the yeast, add the dry ingredients, let the dough rise, and bake off when risen properly. Some recipes require kneading, some don’t. It’s simple and so worth trying.  


Naan is the beloved pairing to many Indian dishes, like curries, masala, butter chicken, and so much more. The toasty, sometimes garlicky, buttery flatbread is often used as a vessel to scoop rice, meat, and veggies and soak up fragrant sauces used in Indian fare. Naan is surprisingly easy to make at home as well. After activating the yeast and mixing in the wet ingredients, you’ll knead the dough on a floured surface, also using this process to incorporate any fresh garlic or herbs desired in the dough. 

After that, you’ll let the dough rest, then divide and roll out smaller pieces of dough that you can cook on a very hot cast iron pan to achieve the proper char naan is known for. Finally, brush with salted butter and add herbs to the fresh naan and enjoy. 


Tortillas are versatile and incredibly easy to make fresh at home. Flour tortillas are simply made by combining flour, salt, baking powder, water, and oil. It requires very little kneading and resting time after mixing, as well as no need to proof. 

Divide the dough into small pieces, roll it out, or use a special tortilla press to flatten the dough, and cook on a flat stove top pan for a short period of time. 

5 Menu Items McDonald’s Should Bring Back

As the largest fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s has a long list of fans for every item on its extensive menu. However, the menu tends to change on an almost weekly basis, with some items that were beloved by many suddenly disappearing. Some end up returning on a temporary or permanent basis, while others are gone forever.

Out of all of the menu items that McDonald’s has ripped away over the years, there are some that haven’t come back and it’s puzzling to people. These items tend to have social media pages devoted to bringing them back, but McDonald’s has yet to have them make their triumphant returns. Here are five menu items that McDonald’s should bring back sooner rather than later (or never).

Snack Wraps

McDonald’s snack wrap was introduced to the menu in 2005 and served as a smaller portioned, quick bite for those wanting something different and slightly healthier than the fast food restaurant’s usual fare. It consists of a small flour tortilla, a chicken select tender, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, and ranch. The option for grilled chicken, or another sauce was also available. McDonald’s slowed the production of snack wraps in 2016 and completely discontinued the item in the US in 2020. Mcdonald’s in the UK and Canada still sell the item, one that customers in the US hope makes its way back onto the menu. 


Mcdonald’s introduced salads to their menu in the 1980s and since then have come up with a few creative ways to sell the healthier alternative, like the nostalgic salad shakers released in the year 2000. The salad shakers have moved on to the fast food restaurant in the sky and McDonald’s stuck to selling normal salads, but just like the snack wraps, the 2020 pandemic resulted in the end of salad sales for the time being. Although not known for their health-conscious menu, many customers enjoyed the lighter fare and variety of McDonald’s salads offered. 

Snack Wraps

McDonald’s introduced their premium McWrap in 2013, years after the simpler and petit snack wrap version. The McWrap consists of a large flour tortilla filled with sliced crispy, or grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon shredded cheese, and ranch. It came in a fun tube-like packaging that you tore the top part off of, leaving the bottom part to use as a vessel to hold your McWrap while you ate it. Many McDonald’s outside the US still serve the McWrap and continue to produce more varieties of the easy to eat treat, even some breakfast popular versions. 

Better Happy Meal Toys

One thing that remains on the menu, but has drastically plummeted in quality is the restaurant’s sad excuse for happy meal toys. The nostalgic, higher quality and fun array of happy meal toys make up some core memories for today’s adult population. Through the years McDonald’s has put little effort into the toys provided with every kid’s favorite fast food meal. The toys have shrunk in size, have less cool features, and are plagued with the boring repetitive re-release of previously sold happy meal toys. Although the kids might not mind, McDonald’s proved in the past that they can do better and have clearly stopped caring about quality. 

Fried Apple Pie

The sweet treat everyone loves after their salty fast food meal is McDonald’s apple pie. The apple pie currently remains on the menu but has changed over the years. The pie is now a baked item, prepared ahead of time and left to sit and get stale over time. Before the change, the pies were deliciously crispy with a bubbly fried outer shell and warm apple pie filling inside, in a more cooked-to-order style rather than previously baked. The new style of pie makes for a lower-calorie option, but customers mourn the departure of the caloric beauty that is the fried apple pie. 

5 Healthiest Menu Options At American McDonald’s Restaurants

When healthy eating options come to mind, fast food isn’t really something that gets thought about. We tend to associate fast food with high amounts of calories, fat, and carbohydrates. There’s good reason for that, too, as some of the most caloric foods in the world can be placed in a bag and bought for cheap in a drive-thru.

McDonald’s is one of the places that people bring up constantly for having unhealthy food and was even the topic of the documentary “Super Size Me” which pointed out the food’s nutritional values. After all, McDonald’s is the top dog worldwide when it comes to fast food venues. Is it really all unhealthy, though? Surprisingly, there are some items on the menu that are surprisingly low in calories and high in protein. Here are the five healthiest menu options at McDonald’s when you’re really craving the golden arches.

Egg McMuffin

McDonald’s Egg McMuffin has been on the fast food joint’s menu since the early 1970s and is still going strong to this day. One of the most beloved of McDonalds’ highly sought-after breakfast items. The Egg McMuffin just so happens to be one of the healthier food choices on the menu. It consists of two buttered halves of an English muffin, one egg, one slice of Canadian bacon, and one slice of American cheese. Coming in at 290 calories, with 11g of fat, and 16g of protein. 

Sausage Egg Burrito

McDonald’s started off 2015 right when they first introduced their Sausage Egg Burrito on January 1st of that year. The breakfast item quickly became a customer favorite and remains on the menu as a healthier, quicker option to start your day. It’s made up of a warm tortilla filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, pork breakfast sausage crumbles, American cheese, and a mix of cooked green chiles and onions. It comes in at a reasonable 310 calories, with 17g of fat, and 13g of protein. Making for a healthier, protein-forward option when you’re on the go. 


Added to McDonald’s breakfast menu in 2011, their Fruit and Maple Oatmeal is a warm and filling option for those wanting a more sweet, healthier, vegetarian bite to eat. The oatmeal bowl comes with two servings of whole-grain oats, cream, and brown sugar mixed together, topped with apple chunks, craisins, and two varieties of raisins. The hearty dish comes out to 320 calories, with 4.5g of fat, 6g of protein, and 31g of sugar. The Fruit and Maple Oatmeal is a comforting start to your day and a decently healthy choice compared to most fast-food offerings. 

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Since the 2020 COVID pandemic, McDonald’s has removed a majority of healthier menu options, particularly their salads and grilled chicken. Although, they haven’t rid their menu of chicken entirely. In early 2021, McDonald’s introduced their competition to the fast-food chicken sandwich wars. Their Crispy Chicken Sandwich quickly became a hit and remains on the menu today. It consists of two buttered halves of a potato roll, crinkle-cut pickles, Mayo, and a lightly breaded and fried chicken cutlet. It comes in at 470 calories, with 20g of fat, and 26g of protein. It’s a lower-calorie option compared to the rest of the menu, as well as a pescetarian-friendly one.

Filet o Fish

Another healthier McDonald’s menu item great for the pescatarian crowd, or religious folk who stray from regular meat on meatless Fridays, the Filet o Fish is a tempting option from the burger-focused joint. The Filet o Fish is the creation by McDonald’s franchise owner, Lou Groen, back in 1962. It’s made up of a fried square of Alaskan Pollock, topped with tartar sauce, and American cheese, on a standard hamburger bun. It comes in at 390 calories, with 19g of fat, and 16g of protein. This is a tasty and protein-packed sandwich for when you’re looking for something lighter and different from the usual fast-food fare. 

The Simplest Food Is The Most Delicious? 5 Awesome Staple Foods From Around The World

Don’t get us wrong, we wouldn’t turn down an expensive, three-course meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant – but very often the most delicious meals are actually the simplest: home cooking that is often taken for granted in its country of origin is often the most delicious, and sometimes it can be the healthiest, too. This is what we’re homing in on today: here are five staples from around the world that you should consider trying in your own diet.


Dahl, also spelled dal, is common throughout India and made from different types of beans. It has a number of variations depending upon what region of the country a specific receipt originates from. For example, you will see more mung beans, used to make Mung dal, in the south, and more yellow split peas, used to make Chana dal, when the recipe comes from the north.

This recipe calls for the beans to be soaked overnight and simmered until the beans are tender. They are then mixed with seasonings like cumin, turmeric, ginger, chilly oil, or coriander. Healthy and delicious.


Borscht comes to us from Eastern Europe, where it has been eaten for generations in areas like Ukraine and Poland. It combines beets, potatoes, beans, cabbage, and other staples, depending upon the precise recipe used. The nutrient-rich ingredients and delightful flavor make it a great soup to add to your rotation. 

Lentil soup

Lentil soup originates in countless cultures and regions, with traditional recipes hailing from Europe, South America, and the Middle East. This soup will generally call for any colored dehulled lentil that will disintegrate while cooking. These lentils then form the base for the soup and can be combined with a variety of other vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, onion, and various seasonings, depending upon the recipe. This is a cheap and varied soup to add to your rotation, particularly in the winter on cold evenings. 

Boiled or fried plantains

Plantains bear some resemblance to bananas, as they are in the same genus. However, unlike bananas, people consume cooked plantains. This staple is popular in West and Central Africa in addition to the Caribbean and South America along the coast.

You can enjoy this staple either fried or boiled. To fry them, simply slice the plantain into thin slices and then heat the oil in a pan and fry until they are golden. If you want to boil them, cut them slightly thicker– so you get about three pieces per plantain– and then boil until they are tender. In either recipe, season with hot sauce as desired.


The flatbread chapatis has a traditional region that stretches from East Africa to the Arabian Peninsula over to the Indian subcontinent. These delicious circular pieces of bread call for just finely ground wheat flour, salt, and water. The dough then forms round balls, flattened, and cooked on both sides. You can then serve it with various dishes and toppings for a complete meal.

As modern people, we have access to an incredibly rich menu of foods that come from around the world. Those interested in expanding their palates or improving their diets can look at some of these important staples from around the world to see if any of these might fit their own menus well.

5 Easy To Make, High Protein Vegetarian Dishes

Making sure that you’re getting enough protein can be difficult when you’re on a vegetarian diet. After all, the main sources of protein come from meat, meaning that you have to stick to certain foods and supplements. You also might not be an experienced chef, making things even more difficult. However, there are some recipes that are packed with protein while still being meatless and easy to make. Here are five of those recipes that you’re sure to love once you try them out.

5. Broccoli Casserole

A casserole is a great main dish that you don’t have to put a lot of preparation time into while still being able to get a filling dish that serves an entire family twice over. To make a perfect broccoli casserole, you’ll also need a cup of quinoa. There are other ingredients in the mix that include Greek yogurt, milk, pepper, garlic and onion powder, so if you’re vegan it isn’t the best option, but vegetarians will enjoy this dish tremendously. 

4. Bean and Potato Tacos

We all love tacos, and if you’re a vegetarian, it’s one of those things that you miss the absolute most. Never to fear, you can still make tacos if you’re vegetarian, they’ll just be a little bit different. Instead of using meat and a lot of the grease that comes with it, try using black beans and sweet potatoes. That combination is filled with protein and fiber, allowing you to get that full feeling that tacos usually provide. Throw in some salsa, onions, peppers or whatever ingredients you want and it will be like you’re not missing meat at all.

3. Vegan Chickpea Meatballs

If you’re looking for a recipe that’s not only high in protein and vegetarian friendly but also doesn’t contain any dairy, try this vegan chickpea meatball recipe that’s made from chickpeas and quinoa. You’ll need one can of chickpeas, one cup of quinoa to make your meatballs. You’ll also want to include pecans, bread crumbs and all of the seasoning that you’d like. To really spice things up, you can make a polenta to go with it using vegetable stock and dairy free cheese and butter.

2. Lentil Pancakes

When you’re in a breakfast mood and really want some protein, you’re pretty much limited to sausage and bacon. However, you can still get all the protein you need and great flavor while still going meatless. Take a banana, a half cup of lentils, Greek yogurt and a few other ingredients and blend them together. Pour the blend onto a non-stick pan and cook the mixture into pancakes. You can top these off with fruit or yogurt to really make them flavorful for a great start to your day.

1. Farmer’s Breakfast

Lentil pancakes aren’t the only thing that can satisfy all of your vegetarian protein needs during breakfast time. Try out this classic farmer’s breakfast with some familiar ingredients. Two potatoes, some olive oil, onion, eggs, rosemary, basil, salt and pepper all combine with a quarter cup of mozzarella to establish a strong start to your day. It’s only about 30 minutes from start to finish to make this breakfast, and at 540 calories with a ton of protein you’ll be good to go.

10 Unlikely Food Pairings That Taste Great

Lennon and McCartney, Sonny and Cher, bananas and mayonnaise? There are some duos that are well known across the world, but then there are some that are very esoteric. This is mostly in the food world where we combine ingredients to capture the perfect taste. It doesn’t always work out, but when it does, it can be amazing. Here are some unique and unlikely food pairings that you’re sure to like.

10. Oreos and Orange Juice

Chocolate and citrus have gone together in a great way for some people for a long time. So have milk and Oreos, but milk tends to make your cookies extremely soggy and crumbly. Instead, try using orange juice for a great kick of citrus while keeping the structural integrity of your Oreo intact.

9. Pickles and Pizza

While there have been wars waged over whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza, many people have been letting pickle pizza fly under the radar. We’re starting to see it more frequently in national pizza chains and for good reason. Give it about 10 years and we bet that pickles will be just as polarizing as pineapple.

8. Mango and Chile

An extremely popular combination if you’re south of the border in Mexico, the combination of mango and chile is starting to catch on further north. The spiciness combined with the sweetness is a unique combination that hits every one of your taste buds in just the right way.

7. Chicken and Waffles

Of course, we can’t talk about odd food pairings without mentioning perhaps the most famous one. Fried chicken on top of waffles with a smothering of syrup is an American classic, especially if you’re visiting the south.

6. Steak and Berries

It might sound pretty weird to have berries included on your steak, but is it really? We tend to eat salads with protein like chicken that have blueberries and strawberries, so why should steak be any different? After all, it’s just another protein.

5. Peanut Butter and Potato Chips

We like salty things and we like sweet things, it’s simple science. Peanut butter and potato chips combined hit all of the right spots. This is especially true when you add chocolate to the mix, which is why Reese’s came out with a peanut butter cup that also included a potato chip in the middle.

4. Jelly and Hamburger

At first thought, it might be crazy to put jelly on your hamburger (it might already seem weird enough that a lot more people are using peanut butter). But when you think about it, it makes sense. A lot of people use grape jelly when making meatballs, and what are hamburgers besides just large meatballs in patty form?

3. Milk and Popcorn

Popcorn on its own without all of the butter and salt is basically a breakfast cereal, right? There has been a growing number of people that have been eating bowls of popcorn with milk in lieu of cereal, citing that it’s just as good if not better.

2. Bananas and Mayonnaise

People tend to get a bit wild with their sandwiches, and combining bananas with condiments is one way they do just that. Perhaps the most perplexing combination is bananas with mayo, which a lot of people scoff at upon seeing, but change their minds when trying it out.

1. French Fries and Ice Cream

This really shouldn’t work, but if you’ve been to a Wendy’s, there’s a great chance that you’ve seen someone dip their French fries in their Frosty and enjoyed it. 

5 Foods That Are Healthier Than You Think

The worst part about trying to get healthy or lose weight is trying to figure out what you actually can eat. It seems that there’s a million different foods that people tell you to avoid, but not all of them in the general consensus list are actually bad. Some foods that have been banned from many diets can actually be healthy in some variants or even as they are. Before you give up on some of your favorite foods, consider the benefits that they might have. Here are five foods that are healthier than you might think.

5. Red Meat

There’s been quite a big stigma when it comes to red meat, especially in the past 20 years or so. These days, people think that red meat is an express ticket to heart disease or cancer without considering that it can be good for your body in smaller portions. Many red meats tend to be lower in calories and contain no carbohydrates. Red meat packs in a lot of protein, as well as valuable nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12, zinc and selenium.

4. Eggs

Just like red meat, eggs belong in that group of foods that were once wildly popular before trends started to say that they were unhealthy. The biggest reason eggs became ostracized is because of the cholesterol content. One egg contains over 200 mg of cholesterol, meaning that two eggs would put you well over the daily recommendation. However, 70 percent of people that eat eggs don’t tend to have higher cholesterol, and this food contains several key nutrients such as selenium, calcium, zinc and more.

3. Chicken Wings

Chicken wings have always been popular, but more and more people are becoming experts on the food and there’s a lot of different ways to make a good wing. However, chicken wings are mostly seen as unhealthy because of the way that most restaurants prepare them. Deep fried wings with a lot of breading can be extremely unhealthy, but you don’t have to sacrifice health for good taste. Try throwing some naked wings with seasoning into an air fryer and you’ll get a lot of protein and vitamins that your body needs.

2. Peanut Butter

When people are trying to lose weight, peanut butter is one of the first things to go. That’s because peanut butter is high in calories and carbohydrates. However, peanut butter also has a solid amount of protein and healthy fats. The nutrition of peanut butter causes you to feel full and can lower your risk of heart disease and cancer. Of course, you don’t want to eat an entire jar all at once, but using a small amount each day goes a long way.

1. Potatoes

Just like peanut butter, potatoes are thought to make you gain weight instantly and will fill your body with carbs. Potatoes, like chicken wings, can be bad for you if you’re frying them and covering them in various high fat sauces. A baked potato on its own though is very beneficial. Potatoes can help control your blood sugar and provide your body with antioxidants and even throw in fiber to help you feel fuller for longer.

How Much Protein Do We Really Need?

It seems that every few years or so, there’s one nutrient that society starts to avoid like the plague or places on such a high pedestal that we tend to overdo it just a bit. There’s the low fat phase that we all went through, good fats, low carbs, etc. These days, many people have an obsession with protein. Whether you’re trying to put on muscle or lose fat, protein seems to be the most popular answer. Of course, that’s not a bad thing, but do you need as much protein as your average armchair nutritionist is suggesting?

A diet that’s high in protein tends to go hand in hand with a low carb diet. Protein packed foods that first come to mind for people include most types of meat alongside eggs. If your goal is to try and shed fat and build muscle, it’s vital to get these types of foods into your diet, but there could be some negative long term effects. Those that suffer from gout or kidney stones are more apt to see severe symptoms due to an increase in uric acid. For anyone that’s had either of these ailments before, you know how painful that can be.

So how much protein is the right amount for the average person? Naturally, it all depends on your size, so it’s easier to break it down by percentage of your diet and your age. At the very low end, 10 percent of the calories you eat should come from protein. You don’t want to go higher than 35 percent, or else you’re putting yourself at risk for adverse side effects. In fact, too much protein on a daily basis could lead to chronic illness or even death via protein poisoning. This is when your body goes too long without taking in carbohydrates or fats.

For those under the age of 40, nutritionists suggest that you get about 0.4 grams of protein for every pound of body weight (or 0.8 grams per kilogram). If you’re a 200 pound person, this would come out to around 80 grams of protein per day. When you cross the 40 year old barrier, it’s important to increase your protein intake as your body loses muscle naturally as you get older. With that in mind, increasing to 1.2 grams per kilogram is suggested.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find foods that are high in protein, as seemingly every company is touting their protein content right on the label. Just be mindful to not obsess with getting a massive amount of protein on a daily basis, though. “High protein and low carbohydrate diet is one such fad diet that has been claimed by some to help reduce weight and maintain it at healthy levels,” says Dr. Ananya Mandal. “Like other fad diets, high protein diet failed to live up to its expectations.” In one major study, Dr. Mandal found that over the course of six months; those that followed a diet focused around high protein didn’t lead to more weight loss than some of the other controlled “fad” diets.