KFC Menus Across The Globe: 7 Key Differences Between The USA and France

Back in the day, Kentucky Fried Chicken was a regional treat that only a small portion of the United States knew about. It didn’t take long for that restaurant to grow, though, and it became a staple around the world. Eventually, the name was simply abbreviated to KFC and almost every major country on Earth got at least one.

The start of the 1970s saw most of the big European countries land a KFC, but it took until 1991 for France to join the fray with seven locations. The following year, though, all of them closed. Thankfully for KFC fans in France, the restaurant got back into the market in 2001, this time with a much more polished plan. Now, there are around 250 KFC locations in France, and their menu looks a lot different than the United States one. Here are seven key differences between the French and American KFC menus.

Variety of Sides

KFC France changes up the usual mac and cheese, mashed potatoes gravy, and coleslaw sides that are seen in American KFCs. In France, you get choices like corn on the cob, crispy onion rings, melty-fried cheese balls, tomatoes, and side salads. It’s surprising they don’t include most of the standard sides, but we’re kind of jealous of KFC France for their variety of sides. 


Fresh salads became a staple of fast food in the United States after the documentary “Supersize Me” led to more health-conscious menus. Sadly, most of those fast-food salads have gone by the wayside. KFC France has some of the more desirable salads in the fast food world, though. They offer a chicken Caesar Parmesan salad and a chicken tomato mozzarella salad. Both of which can come with a vegetarian meat substitute as well. 

Hot Beverages  

Something you’ll likely never see at KFCs across America are the hot beverages found at KFC France. They offer cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, hot chocolate, mochaccinos, and tea. The tasty beverages are served in cups that look pretty similar to the chicken buckets, an interesting choice on their behalf. It makes sense that a place like France would include that café touch, even in their KFCs.

Chicken Dogs 

A new menu item that has recently been added to KFC France is one that you’ll be rather surprised to see. The chicken hotdog is all the rage at the locations in France, but it’s not an actual hotdog. Instead, it’s a crispy chicken tender formed to fit comfortably in a poppy and sesame seed-covered hotdog bun. The fun treat comes topped with a touch of mustard, a drizzle of cheese sauce, and bacon is optional. 


One of the biggest differences you’ll see in KFCs across France versus American KFCs is their wider selection of desserts. KFC France features menu items like a Nutella muffin, brookies, chocolate chunk cookies, and sweetly topped sundaes like the cookie and peanut butter sundae, brownie sundae, Nutella sundae, and Snickers sundae, to name a few. American KFCs really only offer a chocolate chip cookie for dessert, so your choices are pretty limited compared to KFC France. 


So far, KFC France gets points for creativity, especially with this next menu item. It’s called “Boxmaster”. We’re not quite sure why, but we’re too intrigued to care. This tasty treat is made up of a crispy breaded chicken filet, lettuce, tomato, sliced American cheese, and a fried potato patty, all bundled together in a wheat wrap. It’s great for people on the go and a bit lighter than heavier items like chicken sandwiches. 

Chicken Sandwiches 

Speaking of chicken sandwiches, there’s a big difference in those between the US and France. American KFC’s typically top their chicken sandwiches with heaps of mayonnaise and pickles. In France, their chicken sandwiches are topped with lettuce, tomato, an American cheese slice, a variety of yummy sauces, and even crispy onion straws. It makes for more unique flavor combinations and a refreshing take on the classic chicken sandwich. 

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