Texting Etiquette: 5 Tips For When You Are Starting To Date Someone

Texting was introduced at the end of 1992, but it wouldn’t be until around a decade later that it became something that just about everybody was doing on their phones. Now, without the restraints of texting limits and the introduction of messaging apps, people are spending most of their days responding to texts or starting new conversations. This includes texting their significant others or potential love interests.

Texting has become an integral part of dating, and you want to make sure that you don’t mess it up when you start dating someone. There are a few unwritten rules that you should follow if you want to find success while dating. Here are five of those tips that will keep you looking good in the eyes of your new partner.

Don’t Bombard Them With Messages

After you first start seeing someone, it’s easy to get carried away trying to keep the conversation and chemistry alive. You might find yourself wanting to send your newfound love interest message after message, even before they’ve responded to your previous messages. It’s okay to feel excited and chatty, but remember to be considerate of the other person and keep your messages more condensed. Your new flame will love hearing their phone go off, knowing it’s you messaging them, but they likely don’t want notifications constantly going off and interrupting their day. 

Be Respectful and Patient

We all lead relatively busy lives, but there’s always time for love. With that said, we all deserve patience and understanding when we have personal priorities to tend to. Set and respect each others’ time and privacy, even when you’re texting. Nobody likes an anxious texter who relentlessly sends messages wondering what they’re up to and vying for attention. It’s normal to want attention and if you feel you’re not getting enough, bring it up to your new partner. Otherwise, understand that patience is key and they’ll respect you more when you respect their time. 

Don’t Be Clingy  

When you’re in love, you’ll feel enchanted by someone else’s presence and want to be around them all the time. If you’re not careful, your new love may lose interest and think you’re overly clingy. It’s important to set boundaries and maintain each others’ individuality to keep things fresh and comfortable. Set time to spend together and time to focus on your separate interests. Give them a heads-up when you’re doing your own thing, so they don’t think you’re ignoring them. Respect each other’s free time and learn to feel comfortable with each other at a distance. 

Initiate Conversation 

We’ve all been through the dilemma of how soon to text back and debating on whether to make the first move. Being unsure can result in a communication standoff, where neither of you take initiative to begin a conversation and take too long to reply. It’s the new age of dating and playing “follow the leader” is a pretty big turn-off for most. Rather than sit and wait for your new love interest to text you, start the conversation yourself and include topics that interest the both of you to keep things flowing. 

Keep it PG-13

This is probably the most crucial tip when you start texting your new love interest. Don’t get ahead of yourself and jump right into adult conversation. Save that for later when you’re both more comfortable and acquainted with one another. Unless you’re both purely interested in keeping it R-rated, of course. Stick to light flirting and getting to know each other better to start. Moving too quickly could scare away your new love interest and end in disaster. Being on the same page about your intentions and confirming your partner’s consent is so important, even through a text exchange. 

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