10 Must-Have Mods That Every Rimworld Player Should Have

RimWorld is a popular and addicting game that has players managing a colony on an alien planet. With a variety of challenges and scenarios, RimWorld can provide hours of gameplay. However, the game’s community has developed many mods that enhance the experience even further. Here are ten must-have mods that every RimWorld player should have. 

Prepare Carefully: This mod allows players to customize their starting colonists, selecting their skills, equipment, and traits. It is perfect for players who want to create a specific type of colony and characters that match their playstyle. 

  • Hospitality: This mod allows players to host visitors in their colony and gain rewards from doing so. Visitors can also be recruited as new colonists, providing a new source of manpower and skills. 
  • Psychology: This mod adds more depth to the game’s characters by giving them individual needs, wants, and desires. It makes them feel more like real people and adds to the immersive experience. 
  • Allow Tool: This mod adds a set of tools that makes managing a colony easier. It includes tools like “haul urgently,” which orders colonists to move a selected item to the top of their to-do list. 
  • RimHUD: This mod provides a customizable HUD (Heads-Up Display) that shows essential information about the colony, such as colonist health, food supplies, and resources. 
  • RimFridge: This mod adds refrigerators to the game, allowing players to store food and other perishables. It is a useful addition to the game and prevents food from spoiling too quickly. 
  • Medical Tab: This mod provides a detailed overview of colonist health, making it easier to manage injuries and illnesses. It shows information such as wounds, infections, and treatments. 
  • Combat Extended: This mod adds more depth to the game’s combat system, making it more realistic and challenging. It includes new weapons, armor, and tactics that players can use in battles. 
  • Animal Tab: This mod adds a detailed overview of animals in the colony, including their stats, needs, and health. It makes it easier to manage and care for animals and provides more information for players. 
  • Vegetable Garden: This mod adds new plants to the game, allowing players to grow a wider variety of crops. It includes herbs, fruits, and vegetables, providing new sources of food and resources. 

In conclusion, RimWorld is an already great game, but with these ten mods, it can become even better. They add more depth, customization, and challenges to the game, making it a more immersive and enjoyable experience. Give them a try and see for yourself how they can enhance your RimWorld gameplay.

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