5 Apps to Help You Organize Your Life

When Apple began using the phrase “there’s an app for that” to market its newly invented iPhone a decade and a half ago, few people could have predicted just how specialized and wide-ranging modern digital smartphone applications would become. Today, there’s an app to help you organize nearly every aspect of your daily life.


Although keeping all the important elements of your life in order can be challenging to say the least, these five organization apps that can lead you into a far more efficient and productive future.


1. Microsoft To Do


An exceptional general organizer for upcoming and uncompleted tasks, Microsoft To Do combines the functionality of many digital tools and personal assistants within a single comprehensive package. It allows you to coordinate any number of personal “to do” lists while augmenting specific items on these lists with helpful reminder alarms, key written notes, detailed voice recordings, and related external documents. Although it is made by Microsoft, this app is available for iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices.


2. Akiflow


While “to do” apps are great for reminding you what needs to be done, daily planner apps can help you find the time you need to do it. When it comes to making an efficient schedule and sticking to it, no app provides more critical assistance than Akiflow. Make better use of your time through logical and orderly daily planning. By allocating specific tasks for specific times, you can more effectively process, control, and manage those tasks with Akiflow. This app is packed with advanced features to help you avoid overload, distraction, and over-scheduling. And each of these features comes with smart shortcuts, so you won’t waste precious time actually using Akiflow.


3. LastPass


Nothing can put a hitch in your day quite like a lost or misremembered password. In light of the mountain of usernames and passwords that average person must juggle, this has almost certainly happened you within the fairly recent past. Thanks to LastPass, you’ll never have to organize, manage, or even remember these passwords again. The LastPass Authenticator allows you can easily access any of your online accounts in one place without sacrificing security.


4. Evernote


Lightyears beyond your standard note-taking app, Evernote has features that range from multimedia file storage to slideshow presentation. To help you keep your life in order, it ties your personal notes to a broad spectrum of helpful features to quickly and effectively manage to-do lists, plan for tasks, arrange your ideas, and generally “organize your life.”



5. ActiveInbox


Even people who have other aspects of their lives in perfect order are likely to leave their email in considerable disarray. An app that links seamlessly with your various email accounts, ActiveInbox can help you organize your emails into a series of convenient followup tasks. Prevent incoming emails from getting lost in the shuffle by getting to each in order of relative importance. You can even take care of email responses well ahead of deadlines thanks to ActiveInbox’s convenient "send later" function. If a clean inbox is something you’ve only dreamed about, this is the personal organization app for you!