5 Apps To Make Studying A Breeze

Studying is an essential part of college life, but many students find it boring. However, it doesn’t have to be this way with the new apps that are currently available. The following five apps can be a great help to you, whether you’re attending a traditional university or studying for your degree online. Keep watching to learn more about how these apps make studying a breeze.


Evernote is one of the best organizational apps available. It provides multiple functions for streamlining your note-taking and scheduling processes, including attachments, checklists, links and audio recordings. The free subscription comes with 60 MB of uploads per month, which you can synchronize across two devices. This feature allows you to access notebooks from your desktop even when you’re off-line. The paid subscription adds email forwarding, annotated PDF files and note presentation with a single click.

My Study Life

My Study Life is available for free on a variety of platforms, including Android, iPhone, Windows 8, Windows Phone and the web. It allows you to store information on your exams, homework and lectures on the cloud and manage them from your device. You can also synchronize data across platforms, so you can still access it if you lose your Wi-Fi connection. My Study Life notifies you of due dates for homework, as well as scheduling conflicts between classes and exams.


Exploring new ideas by mapping them out is sometimes the best way to approach an assignment. XMind is a study app that lets you map ideas, allowing them to flow more freely. XMind includes multiple templates and a matrix that help you change the logic and organization of your ideas. You can also export your maps from XMind to Evernote.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro turns your iPad or iPhone into a portable scanner, which is especially useful for accessing physical text from multiple locations. For example, you can scan pages from a book in a library without having to check it out. Once you scan your study material, you can upload them to the cloud. Scanner Pro also includes options to create workflows for any of its processes. In addition, this app recognizes text embedded in images, allowing you to search them.

Chegg Prep

Chegg Prep is a study aid specifically designed for students who learn best with flashcards. It allows you to create flashcards on any subject or type of test. You can customize your cards, including adding your own images to them. Once you’ve mastered a card, you can remove it from your deck. Chegg Prep also allows you to download thousands of cards that other students have created, if you don’t want to make your own. This app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.