5 Australian NGOs Making The World A Better Place

Australia has a long and proud history of being on the front lines when it comes to tackling global problems. From its support of the Paris Climate Agreement to sending aid to countries in need, Australia’s non-government organizations (NGOs) are helping lead the charge in making the world a better place. Here are five respected Australian NGOs that have been particularly active in their mission of bringing about positive change.

The first is Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE). Founded in 2009, BZE is devoted to taking action on climate change through research and advocacy. One of their most successful campaigns involved persuading companies such as Microsoft and Dell to commit to running all their operations from renewable energy sources by 2020. They have also developed several initiatives that help people transition away from using fossil fuels for energy needs.

Another important NGO working to help improve lives around the globe is Refugee Council Australia (RCA). Since 1945, RCA has been providing life-saving assistance and support services for refugees seeking asylum in Australia. Through its network of over two thousand volunteers, RCA provides food, shelter, and legal assistance to those seeking refuge in our country. In addition, RCA also advocates for government policies that will improve refugee rights in this country.

UNICEF Australia also deserves recognition for its efforts toward making the world a better place. UNICEF works with communities around the globe to promote children’s rights and end discrimination against marginalized groups. Their mission encompasses activities such as providing healthcare, education, protection, and access to clean water – which they consider essential elements of creating a safe environment for children everywhere. Currently, UNICEF is focusing on eliminating child labor in Africa and saving hungry children throughout Asia.

Fred Hollows Foundation (FHF) is another highly impactful Australian NGO that deserves recognition for its work toward improving global health standards. Through eye care programs across 28 developing countries, FHF helps provide vision clinics with hands-on training, equipment, and supplies – allowing them to operate so that thousands of people can access cataract surgery each year at no cost or reduced costs depending on their ability to pay. In addition, FHF runs educational workshops and awareness campaigns designed to encourage healthy living habits within communities around the world.

Finally, there is FinGAP International – an organization whose goal is to promote women’s economic empowerment through financial literacy training programs in some of the poorest parts of Africa and India. Over 15 years FinGAP has managed more than 300 capacity-building initiatives; teaching girls about enterprise development strategies as well as how best to manage personal finances and create wealth within their local communities. As part of these activities, FinGAP has so far provided direct cash grants worth over $10 million USD, which has enabled thousands of women entrepreneurs to start small businesses.

These five esteemed NGOs should be commended for their hard work towards enhancing opportunities for individuals from all walks of life – fostering enduring hope within communities worldwide .

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