5 Awesome Nintendo Switch Games You Might Have Missed

Sure, we all know the likes of Nintendo classics like the Super Mario or Legend of Zelda series that are blockbusters for the video game company, but not every good game has to sell millions of copies. 

While the Mario franchise along with Pokemon and Zelda make up a massive chunk of the 20 highest-selling Switch games in the console’s history, there are some other gems that you may have missed, including a familiar blue face. If you want to try out some awesome games that could have slipped by you while also not breaking the bank, try out these five Nintendo Switch games.

Lego Worlds

Released for the Switch in September of 2017, “Lego Worlds” might be a game you missed in the flurry of popular Lego game releases throughout the years. Traveler’s Tales first developed the game. 1-2 players, locally or online, can create their own customizable world made up of Lego bricks and other fun additions. 

You can unlock creatures in the game, some of which can be used as transportation and for attacking. Speaking of transportation, there’s also an array of vehicles you can use to explore and admire the Lego world around you. 

Killer Queen Black

“Killer Queen Black”, inspired by the “Killer Queen” arcade game, is a platform strategy game released for the Switch in October 2019 after making its debut back in 2013. Up to eight players can join the fun locally, or online. 

Players can choose to be the Queen and focus on protecting their hive, or play as workers that rank up to soldiers while collecting berries and dodging enemies. KQB has developed quite the underground following over the years, becoming a cult classic.

Disney Classic Games Collection

“The Disney Classic Games Collection” was released on the Switch in November of 2021.  Although recently released, Disney lovers may have missed this old-school gem. It features retro games that Disney fans will love. Players can indulge in the 16-bit console versions of fan-favorite “Aladdin” games and classic” Lion King” and “Jungle Book” games. 

You can also jam out to full soundtracks from each of the movies while you do so. Whether you’ve already played through them back in the day and want to experience the nostalgia these games bring, or trying them out for the first time, it’s sure to be a hit for adults and kids alike.  

Sonic Forces

Developed by Sega and released for the Switch in November of 2017, “Sonic Forces” is one of the many Sonic games available on the console, so it’s possible you may have missed it. The action and adventure-based platform game was developed in honor of the “Sonic The Hedgehog” franchise’s 25th anniversary.

Your goal is to defeat the mischievous Doctor Eggman, who alongside his new partner “Infinite”, has destroyed most of Earth. You can play the levels in classic side-scrolling mode, modern mode, and a mode in which players are able to create and fight enemies with their very own personalized avatars. 

Night In The Woods

Developed by Infinite Fall studios and released on the Switch in February 2018, “Night In The Woods” is an underrated piece of work you could have easily skimmed over. The game is based on the 2011 British horror film “A Night In The Woods”, written and directed by Richard Parry. Infinite Fall crowd-funded the project and received over 400% of its original goal.

The story follows a college-aged girl named Mae, who suffers from dissociative episodes and, for that reason, comes back to her hometown to seek familiarity and comfort. Mae meets with old friends and discovers one had recently gone missing. Mae and her friends decide to search for their lost friend after Mae witnesses the kidnapping of another townsperson by a cloaked individual, who she assumes is a ghost. Critics gave high praise for the game’s soundtrack, story, and stunning art. 

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