5 Best Concert Venues In The World

It seems that these days, most concerts are held in stadiums that were made for football/soccer or indoors at basketball and hockey arenas. While they serve their purpose as being venues that can get a lot of fans into the seats and have large open flooring sections, the acoustics aren’t always preferable.

There are some venues, though, where the atmosphere is tremendous and the sound is second to none. These venues are located all around the world, with some being outdoors while others are tucked away in smaller indoor spots. Out of all of the concert venues in the world, these five stand out as the place where musicians truly want to play for a multitude of reasons.

Sydney Opera House

Located in Bennelong Point in Sydney Australia, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most incredible and uniquely built structures of our time. The fabulous building rests on the Sydney Harbour and stands out to anyone within the general vicinity. 

The Sydney Opera House was fully erected in 1973 and has been home to some of the world’s most impressive acts, such as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Australian Ballet, as well as popular performances by Sting, Bob Dylan, and Prince.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Located in Morrison Colorado, the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, also known more simply as the Red Rocks, is one of the most stunning music venues in all of America. The outdoor, open-air venue is stunning and well-constructed. Famous acts like U2, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Rush, and Colorado native John Denver. 

The stunning architecture of the surrounding nature and manmade features creates an awe-inspiring scene for any concert performed at the Red Rocks. Concertgoers and performers alike have commented on its beauty and claim it may be the best venue out there.

Hollywood Bowl

Another eye-catching Amphitheatre is the Hollywood Bowl, located in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles California. It’s been deemed as one of the best music venues in the world, even making it on Rolling Stone’s list of the top ten live music venues in 2018. 

It was initially opened in 1922 and underwent renovations in the early 2000s. Superstar acts like The Beatles, The Supremes, The Doors, The Jackson 5, and Elton John have all performed at the legendary venue. Plays like Mamma Mia, Rent, Westside Story, and Les Misérables have also made their way to the Hollywood Bowl, with all-star casts performing the popular shows. 


Dalhalla is an open-air venue, opened in 1995, and located a whopping 200 feet below sea level in an old limestone quarry in Rättvik, Sweden. Artists like Bjork, Iggy Pop, Sting, and Arcade Fire have performed in the extraordinarily unique venue that seats 4,000. 

Dalhalla hosts around 30 events during the summer months, mainly composed of opera, jazz, and popular musicians. The interesting location makes for an amazing acoustic sound that turns any and all instrumentals and vocals into even more beautiful works of art. 

Carnegie Hall

The famous Carnegie Hall venue is located in Manhattan, New York. William Burnet Tuthill designed the wondrous historic structure that was then built by and named after Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie Hall opened in 1891 and has been home to performances by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Philadelphia Symphonic Orchestra, Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, Nina Simone, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. 

The Hall earned its place on the list of US National Historic Landmarks as well as the US National Register of Historic Places. The Italian Renaissance style structure remains a beloved masterpiece in the heart of Manhattan for tourists and locals, adding a sophisticated touch to the city.  

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