5 Best Crime Movies

Do you love a good villain? Do you prefer to watch movies from the villain’s perspective? Are you looking for a great crime movie to enjoy on a stormy night or with a friend? Keep reading this article to find the best crime movies for your night.

The Godfather

“The Godfather” is a classic crime movie that resonates even years after it was initially released. The movie offers up morally gray characters who are involved in various mafia-related crimes, while also exploring the bonds of family. If you enjoy mafia movies and you are looking for interesting characters with flaws, loose morals, and strong beliefs, then you will find that “The Godfather” is a great crime movie.


For those who like the mafia crime movie category, you will enjoy “Goodfellas”. The movie follows an interesting character as he grows from small and petty crimes to the extortion and violence of the mafia. It also showcases the friendships that develop in the mafia and humanizes the characters for audiences. For those who need a bit of comedic relief in a crime movie, “Goodfellas” is a great choice. The screenplay adds a touch of humor that sets it apart and breaks up the tension at just the right moment.

The Silence of the Lambs

“The Silence of the Lambs” is an astonishing crime movie due to the psychological aspects of the film. It portrays the complex mental state of a serial killer as discussed by Hannibal Lector, a violent psychopath who is also a psychiatrist, and a young FBI student. It combines a crime movie with a cop movie for a satisfying and terrifying look into the minds of serial killers.

Pulp Fiction

Are you looking for a movie about hitmen? Do you want a few unexpected philosophical discussions to sneak their way into your movie? Then “Pulp Fiction” is the movie you want to watch as soon as you get an opportunity. The movie follows two hitmen as they weave through other characters that range from their boss and his wife to a boxer and a pair of armed robbers.


For those who like a little bit of country and old-fashioned western themes in their crime movies, “Unforgiven” is a great option. When prostitutes in a small town post a reward for the deaths of two men for disfiguring one of the women, a pair of criminals clash with each other and the town’s sheriff. Whether you are rooting for the sheriff and his fight against vigilantism or you want to see the success of a criminal, “Unforgiven” is a great option for your next crime movie night.

The best crime movies focus on the characters you would usually consider the villains. By looking at the movie from a criminal’s perspective, you are able to see the different factors that drive their actions and make them turn to crime.