How to Take Your First Steps in Homesteading

Homesteading is increasing in popularity. Many find it an attractive idea to return to nature and live more sustainably and wholesomely. If you have been thinking about homesteading, it may be time to make your dreams come true. Aspiring homesteaders are a large group of interested people. This group includes many of the baby boomers in the millions who are retiring. It also includes younger people just starting who are attracted to the lifestyle.

Most successful homesteaders thought about the idea for a long time before making the major lifestyle change to embrace the concept.

Here are five things you can do if you are considering homesteading, which will help you to help prepare and understand what is involved in being a successful homesteader.

1. Internet Resources

There are tons of resources accessible on the Internet.

2. Take Courses

There are online courses in homesteading and courses you can take in-person to get hands-on practical experience. WildAbundance, Insteading, and Centre of Excellence (a UK school that offers a diploma course) are worth checking out.

3. Working Vacation

Instead of taking a vacation, use your vacation time to go to a place you think might be good for your homestead. Spend your vacation there, working on a farm or a homestead as a temp worker.

4. Volunteer

HelpStay offers volunteer opportunities all over the world. Some projects charge a fee; however, opportunities exist where you can stay for free. Sometimes you get food for free or by paying a small amount. For some projects, you get a chance to work on a farm, garden, or homestead as a volunteer. Many farming techniques are useful to learn since they have to work with limited resources, which is often the same challenge for new homesteaders.

5. Get Land

If you are seriously going to start a homestead, you must have suitable land. Some who dream of homesteading make the mistake of buying the land as the first thing they do. The problem with this idea of rushing to buy land is that it is often the only step taken, and the project stalls out.

There is no reason to buy any land until you know what type of homestead you wish to create. Learn first about what you want to do, and then you will be more able to understand what kind of land you want. You may not need to buy the land; you may be able to lease it, profit-share, or get permission to develop a homestead on land owned by others.

Grounded Thoughts

Homesteading is wonderful. However, success takes a lot of hard work and dedication over a long time. Take the long view and get some experience before you make a major commitment. Then, when you are ready, go for it!