5 Best Games You Can Only Play In The Snow

Many of us love the summertime because it’s when we get to go outside and take part in many of the activities that are synonymous with the season. From swimming and hiking to playing baseball and tennis, the summer is when the most fun and games happen. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun during the winter, though.

There are plenty of great games that you can really only get the best of when it’s chilly outside and snow on the ground. If you’re looking for a fun activity to help with those winter blues, here are the five best games that you can only play in the snow.

Sled Racing

If you try to bring out a sled in the middle of the summer, you’re not going to go very fast and may end up getting stuck in some mud while on a hill. During the wintertime, though, you can bust out the sleds and have races to see who can reach the bottom the fastest. It doesn’t have to be sleds, either, as inflatable tubes are just as fun and put a new twist on things thanks to their spinning nature.

To make things even more fun (and quite honestly, safer), you can have people go down a hill one at a time and use a stopwatch to check on who had the fastest time. You can make things even more fun and start a family tradition by giving a trophy to whoever had the fastest time over the winter season.

Snowball Fight

It wouldn’t be winter without a good old snowball war between two sides. What typically starts off as two people tossing snowballs at each other can quickly, well, snowball. Teams on each side can set up their own snow forts to keep themselves safe or even build trenches in the snow to simulate a full-out snow war.

There’s a lot of creativity that can go into a snowball fight, and once some people see that you’re having fun, they’re going to want to join in on the action. In some towns, you’ll see two sides made up of dozens of people throwing snowballs as far as they can at one another.

Snowman Building Competition

Another one of those staples of winter that people of all ages love is building a snowman. If there’s a big enough snowfall in your town, you can get really creative and build on a larger scale. You’re able to put your own unique spin on things since snow is easily manipulated and can take on just about any shape when packed tight.

During sporting events that happen in heavy snow, the seats tend to get a bit empty. For fun, the fans that ended up sticking around during a blizzard have made snowmen that take the spots of those that have departed the game early.

Tunnel Building

During the summertime, you may be able to make tunnels in the sand, but it might not work as well since sand doesn’t pack tight unless it’s wet. Snow tends to stay packed, and makes for much easier tunnel building.

It’s also a lot safer to build a tunnel out of the snow as you can make the roof of the tunnel just a couple of inches. If it collapses, you might just be wet and cold instead of in any serious danger. Try to make yourself a cozy little igloo shaped snow tunnel, but always practice caution.

Pond Hockey

Pond hockey is one of those things that truly feels special when you live in Canada or the northern part of the United States like Minnesota, Michigan, or Wisconsin. When ponds and lakes freeze over thanks to the snow and cold temperatures, it’s the perfect time to grab your skates and play a little hockey with your friends.

You don’t have to have NHL-level talent to enjoy pond hockey, as you just need some skates, a stick, and a puck. Even the nets can be imaginary designated areas. The best part about pond hockey is that, compared to baseball, you don’t need to leap over a fence to retrieve a lost puck (hopefully).

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