5 Best Jobs For People Who Like Working With Their Hands

While almost every job requires you to use your hands, a lot of them only involve a lot of typing up emails and other documents. Then, there are jobs where you have to get your hands dirty or continuously active. For those that want to have a job like that in which you’re more involved and have to concentrate on what you’re doing, there’s a long list of jobs just for you.

We wanted to focus on a wide range of jobs, from the blue-collar to the more hands-off types of jobs in which you’re actively using those digits. With that in mind, here are five of the best jobs for people who really like working with their hands.


If you have a love for the culinary arts and working with your hands, training to become a pastry chef would be a great opportunity for you. Oftentimes in the pastry, baking, and decorating world you’re left to work with the most important tools in any kitchen, your hands. 

Sculpting modeling chocolate, using fondant, creating sugar art, and putting together the most delicate and scrumptious work of culinary perfection all require a hands-on approach. You can hone your pastry skills all while working with your hands and getting a little messy.  

Sign Language Interpreter

As far as working with your hands goes, there are not many professions that are as hands-on as ones that involve sign language. Whether you’re teaching sign language classes, or you’re a professional sign language interpreter, it’s a job that’s both rewarding and requires a pretty much sole hands-on approach. 

Working in education, or working as an interpreter is interesting, and fun, and provides you and those around you with the skills and convenience of understanding sign language. Not to mention you’ll be learning an entirely different language, a skill that can help you communicate with others you previously couldn’t, making others feel included. 


When you think about plumbing, you probably don’t picture a life of luxury. However, plumbing is an incredibly well-paid skill and allows those interested in getting down and dirty the ability to work with their hands. 

It takes brains, focus, and an interest in the grimy and gross to excel in a career like plumbing. Just think, when something in your home needs fixing, you won’t need to pay another person tons of money to come out and fix it. It’s a very eventful career, surely full of interesting and funny stories. You get to work with your hands and possess a skill that will come in handy. 


Besides vocalists, the majority of musicians spend a large amount of their time working with their hands. From brass instruments, woodwind instruments, piano, drums, and guitar, there’s a whole bunch of amazing categories of instruments you can try out. 

Along with the notoriety, fun, and creative outlet being a musician provides, you’ll be doing what you love and showcasing your talents for so many others to enjoy. Music makes the world go round and is an experience like no other. It’s a hands-on career where you can really reap the rewards and have the time of your life doing it. 


Mechanics are some of the most treasured professionals on the planet. Car troubles are often highly inconvenient and interrupt the daily flow of our busy lifestyles. If it weren’t for the lovely people who study to identify and repair our vehicle’s issues, one small mishap would be a much bigger problem. 

It’s a career that’s not only vital but allows you to work with your hands a whole lot. You’ll be greasy, dirty, and working hands-on like the rugged handyman you aspire to be. While helping people in need of services and making a comfortable living off of your hard work. 

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