5 Best Mountain Biking Trails in the World

One of the best physical activities that you can do with your free time, mountain biking is also one of the most accessible due to the abundance of trails around the world. Some trails offer the best visual scenery, while others have great wildlife, and there are even some that offer up varying challenge levels for bikers.

If you’re planning your next mountain biking trip and want to visit some of the world’s best destinations, we have five that every biker needs to check out. While some are considered to only be for experts due to their difficulty, there are still parts of the trails that can be enjoyed by all. Without further ado, here are the five best mountain biking trails and what makes them so great.

Copper Harbor Trails 

Based in Copper Harbor, Michigan, Copper Harbor Trail offers a lot for thrill seekers and outdoor lovers. There are hiking trails, skiing in the colder months, mountain biking trails, and tons of lush Midwest forest scenery to enjoy. 

The mountain biking trails have downhill tracks, flow trails, cross-country, and technical options. They feature expert trails like the Black Diamond, as well as some beginner-level trails such as Little Loon, Moose on the Loose, and Chipmunk Run. Enjoy a day out with friends and family and get a taste of Michigan while you practice your mountain biking skills. 

Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail is a 500-mile stretch of mountain biking goodness that is only able to be trekked throughout a small portion of the summer months when the snow melts and reveals a great trail for long distance mountain biking fanatics. 

The trail stretches from the town of Durango, Colorado to Littleton, Colorado right outside of Denver. The Colorado Trail features a path through an insanely gorgeous landscape, with glorious mountain ranges, flowing rivers, and national forests. It’s not a trail for beginners and is rated 9/10 in difficulty, so make sure you’re prepared and skilled enough to make the journey. 

Kingdom Trails

East Burke, Vermont is home to the Kingdom Trails. The trail comprises over 100 miles of lovely New England terrain and goes through many plots of land owned by locals who generously allow the trails to pass through. 

The Kingdom Trails have been in development for over 25 years and claim to be one of the first trails built and excavated for the purpose of mountain biking. It’s known for its incredible scenery, trail quality and options, and generous community that enables the trail to thrive. 


Rated the number one mountain biking activity trail by many, The Moab in Utah offers all you could want. Try out four-wheeling, ballooning, bird watching, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and of course mountain biking. 

The views are to die for and the trails are some of the best in the country. There are over 100 tracks that range from easy to difficult. Great for families looking to enjoy the Utah landscape, or masters of their craft wanting to challenge themselves. The National Ability Center ensures even those with limited mobility can enjoy the activities. 


Located within the Pisgah Forest in Transylvania County in North Carolina, the Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures has some of the country’s best biking trails. They are a locally owned mountain bike guide company, offering private and personalized guided mountain biking trips.

Perfect for those who want to venture out into the mountain biking scene, but are hesitant to do so alone. The beautiful North Carolina scenery will be enough to make you want to sign up for a trek through the different trails within the lush forest. It’s a safer and more reliable option for those who aren’t familiar with the mountain biking trail scene but still want to enjoy it. 

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