5 Best Places to Live in the USA

No matter where you’re from or where you live now, there is always going to be a debate throughout the United States as to where the best place is to live. People from every city will boast about their local restaurants, natural beauty, work environment, and anything else that will make their city more appealing to those that are thinking about moving there.

When it comes to the general consensus as to which places in the United States are the best to live, though, there are some that most experts agree upon. Whether it’s because they offer low housing prices and even lower crime rates or have a plethora of good-paying jobs and dozens of hiking trails, these towns and cities are the best that America has to offer. If you’re planning on relocating you and your family, here are the five best places to live in the USA.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah Georgia has a lot to offer and is certainly one of the best destinations to call home in the USA. As of now, there are over 330,000 residents enjoying life in Savannah. If the allure of southern charm and great food isn’t enough to sway your decision, the charming southern city has a low cost of living, beautiful structures, a refreshing coastal scene, and a plethora of fun activities that might make the decision to relocate to the diverse city all that much easier. 

Rochester, Minnesota 

Rochester Minnesota might seem like an unassuming destination when you’re deciding where to call home. Still, the densely suburban city offers a quiet and homely place to make you feel comfortable and secure. Most of the residents own their homes, so you won’t feel cramped or necessarily have to share living space. Of course, another one of the perks of living in Rochester would be the natural scenery of the Midwest seasons. Rochester is full of beautiful parks you and your family can enjoy. Higher standards of living make the healthcare and education systems some of the best as well. 

Sioux Falls, South Dakota 

Like the previously mentioned midwest location, Sioux Falls South Dakota offers a comfortable and spacious suburban feel. With an affordable cost of living, it won’t be tough to find the perfect home in this quiet Midwest city. Low crime rates assure those who live there that the area is moderately safe and secure, which is especially important if you have little ones at home. Feeling safe and comfortable are arguably the most crucial factors when deciding on where to settle down. Along with safety, Sioux Falls is known for its excellent healthcare and education systems as well. 

Spokane, Washington

Spokane Washington delivers on providing a bustling city environment, while also having options to live a more quiet and serene life close to all the nature the northwest USA has to offer. It’s an ideal location for those who don’t want to settle on one lifestyle, or another and wants the best of both worlds. Although the city is big, residents don’t have to suffer the downside of big city life. If that’s not appealing enough, the state of Washington is incredibly beautiful with access to the rocky coast and excellent weather that changes depending on where you go. It’s the best US city for those who like variety and the power of choice. 

Tucson, Arizona 

Arizona is a popular destination for retirees and those seeking a thrilling, active lifestyle away from the inconvenience of summer humidity and winter snow. The dry, snow-free climate is unbeatable if you’re not a fan of the cold and snowy winter months or the sticky humid summer months elsewhere. Tucson has a growing food scene, full of authentic and homemade dishes served at culture-rich restaurants. There’s an abundance of parks, mountainous landscapes to hike, and a fabulous art scene. To top it all off, affordable housing makes it easy to find the place that best suits your needs without jumping through hoops. 

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