5 Hacks to Take The Scenic Route More Often

When a lot of people take a road trip, they want to get there as fast possible with stops only for gas, food, and sleep. Then, there are those that want to make sure that their road trip turns into a full-on journey that’s filled with sights, sounds, and plenty of great memories. Those that haven’t done it before should try making their trip a bit more scenic, but might not be sure how to do it.

For everyone that’s trying to make their road trip better and take the scenic route more often, there are a few hacks that you should know about. These little tips will make sure that you get the trip that most people can only dream about, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Take The Road Less Traveled

If you would like to experience more breathtaking scenery on your trips, try taking the less traveled route, or even planning out your own specific route. Of course, it’s great to take the popular route and see all the touristy areas have to offer. 

Some things are worth jumping on the bandwagon for. Though, if you want to experience something new and unseen by the general public you should definitely stray from the path, safely of course. 

Go To Tourist Destinations

Although you could go where most travelers don’t, there’s a reason must-see destinations are so popular. There’s nothing wrong with flocking to the coolest places. If you want a low-key experience, try going to these destinations during the time of year that isn’t bombarded by tourists. 

Usually, states, cities, and countries advertise specific landmarks to visit or scenic trips they encourage people to take. You can plan your trip around the must-see destinations and travel the scenic route while you make your way through them. 

Travel a Certain Time of Year

Traveling is a fantastic way to see and take in all the world has to offer. Make it an even better experience by traveling at different periods throughout the year. Even if you travel to the same place, the changing seasons and atmosphere will make you feel like you’re taking an entirely new trip. 

Much like how leaf peepers love traveling to the New England area, or Midwest area to see the changing color of the leaves and gorgeous autumn scenery, visiting a place during a particularly beautiful time of year makes all the difference. So plan your trips around the time of year you’ll get the most stunning scenery if you can. 

Take Different Methods of Travel

One tip that you may have overlooked is taking different modes of transportation to get a different view of scenic areas. Traveling by train, bus, car, plane, boat, bicycle, or even walking will all give you differing views of the most scenic places. 

Traveling by air will give you an amazing, often unseen view of beautiful places you’ve probably only seen on ground level. Ground travel will give you a much more personal and up-close look, as well as the ability to pause, explore, and take in the views. 

Take the Long Way Home

Oftentimes when traveling we have a sense of urgency to get to our destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Taking the time to slow down and take the route that’s seen as “out of the way” is a great way to make a scenic drive out of the most mundane driving tasks. 

Sure it takes some time, but that’s okay and not everything has to be rushed. If you’re able to take the time to leave for a trip early or take the time to travel the backroads on your way home, it’ll give you time to unwind and enjoy taking in sights you don’t often get the chance to see when you take the fastest, hurried route. 

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