5 Birthday Ideas For Your Significant Other

There are certain days of the year that you don’t want to forget, especially if you’re in a relationship. One of those days is your partner’s birthday. While they might say that their birthday isn’t a big deal, you can still make it feel like a big deal and turn it into a special day that they’ll remember forever.

If your loved one has a special birthday coming up and you’re not sure how to celebrate, there are tons of great ideas to pick from. From last-minute gifts to special projects that you can do at home, here are five birthday ideas for your significant other that will turn what they call “just another day” into one they’ll cherish for life.

Get a Personalized Book

These days, there are tons of sites online where you can get a personalized book made for your honey. It can be as intricate, or simple as you’d like. Show your significant other you care for them by using a personalized book to tell the story of your love. Some sites allow you to create characters that look like you and your lover as well. Then you can fill in the blanks, or even write a story all your own on the pages. It’s a sweet gift that will last over the years, yet never get old. 

Cook and Bake For Them

It doesn’t have to be a five-star, three-course meal. Or it can be. Whatever your skill level is, cooking or baking a delicious creation is a special way to show your significant other you love them and that you’re willing to put in the effort to woo them. The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and feeding a loved one is such a nurturing and caring act. Even if you’re not the best chef or baker in the world, try out an easy recipe with step by step instructions, and don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s the thought that counts. 

Take Them Somewhere Special

Every relationship has that one place that means a lot to the both of you and brings back fond memories every time you think of it. It could be the first place you laid eyes on each other, the location of your first date, where your significant other proposed, or maybe it’s a unique place you both fell in love with. Surprise them by setting up a date, or activity at a place you both love visiting. You could even make it an overnight stay and get away from the norm for a night or two to really enhance the romantic and loving experience.  

Tickets to a Show

If you know your partner well, you’ll know the kind of music they listen to, the comedians they enjoy, and their general interests. All throughout the year, a variety of venues host events big and small. Find one, or a few that they would be interested in and surprise them with tickets. Make sure to think ahead and clear both of your schedules for the event. It may be a tough secret to keep, but the joy on their face when you tell them you have tickets to their favorite show will make it worth it. 

Go To An Escape Room

If your significant other loves puzzles, high-energy environments, and thrills, an escape room would make for an awesome birthday. It’s something you both can do together and you can bring along friends too. Make a day, or night of it and book a few different places if you really want to create a lasting experience for your partner. It will make for some fun and interesting moments between you all that you won’t soon forget. Their birthday doesn’t have to be lavish, or heartfelt. Sometimes making fun memories with people you love is enough to make their special day even better. 

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