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5 Gadgets For Wine Lovers: The Perfect Birthday Present?

Are you looking for the perfect birthday gift for a wine enthusiast in your life? Look no further! We’ve rounded up the top five gadgets that they absolutely need in their collection. From electric wine bottle openers to wine preservation systems, we’ve got you covered.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

If your gift recipient is tired of struggling with manual wine bottle openers, consider an electric wine bottle opener. These gadgets are easy to use and quick to uncork a bottle of wine. Most models come with a rechargeable battery, making them a cost-effective alternative to traditional wine openers.

How it works: Simply place the gadget on top of the wine bottle, press a button and voila! The cork is removed. These gadgets often come with a foil cutter to make the process even easier.

Benefits: No more struggling with stubborn corks or risking broken pieces of cork floating in the wine. Electric wine bottle openers are also less strenuous on the wrist and hand than manual openers.

Brands to consider: Oster, Cuisinart, and Secura.

Wine Aerator Pourer

Wine aerators enhance the flavor and aroma of wine by allowing the liquid to mix with oxygen before pouring it into a glass. They are especially useful for younger wines that can taste harsh and acidic when first opened. An aerator pourer is a great gadget to have in their wine tool set if they enjoy red wine.

How it works: Simply pour the wine through the aerator filter, and it’s ready to drink. The filter removes any unwanted sediment, while the aerator allows the wine to breathe and develop its full flavor and aroma.

Benefits: Aeration can make even the cheapest bottle of wine taste smooth and rich. The aerator pourer is also easy to use and clean.

Brands to consider: Vintorio, Vinluxe, and Zazzol.

Wine Bottle Preservation System

Wine lovers often pour a glass of wine and then leave the rest of the bottle uncorked, leading to the wine spoiling quickly. A wine bottle preservation system is designed to eliminate oxygen from the bottle to extend the life of the wine.

How it works: The preservation system inserts a vacuum pump stopper into the wine bottle. By pumping out the air in the bottle and replacing it with argon gas, the wine is kept fresh for up to several weeks.

Benefits: Wine enthusiasts can have their wine open without worrying about it spoiling quickly. It’s an excellent tool to keep the wine fresh for weeks allowing him to taste a broader range of wines without fear of waste.

Brands to consider: Coravin, Vacu Vin, and Wine Squirrel.

Wine Bottle Vacuum Sealer

Ditch the humble wine bottle stopper and upgrade to this functional gadget. The vacuum sealer ensures the wine bottles’ contents stay fresh for a longer period.

How it works: By using a vacuum sealing pump, users can remove the air inside the bottle and keep oxidation — and spoilage — to a minimum.

Benefits: The gadget requires almost no effort to remove the air from wine bottles, thus preventing spoiling or oxidation. It can be used with almost any wine bottle, making it versatile.

Brands to consider: The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver, Private Preserve Wine Preserver, and The Coravin Model Two Wine System.

Electric Wine Bottle Cooler

Keep wine at the perfect temperature without worrying about a wine fridge. The Electric Wine Bottle Cooler is all your Wine Enthusiast needs while serving their favorite bottle of wine.

How it Works: Unwinding for a good glass of wine after a wine day call for appliances like this. By using an electric touch-button control, the cooler chills wine bottles in just 5-10 minutes.

Benefits: It’s a stylish countertop appliance that also works to keep wine cool. It can be used to keep just opened bottles cold or cool down room temperature bottles.

Brands to consider: Nutrichef, New Air, and Cooper Cooler.

5 Birthday Ideas For Your Mom

There’s nobody in our lives quite as special as our mothers. After all, these are the women that gave birth to each and every one of us. While growing up, our moms do a lot for us, so as adults, it’s only right that we return the favor.

This is especially true when your mom is celebrating a birthday. While your mom may not like to be reminded of her age, you can always do something special for the big day. Just how do you do that, though? Moms can usually see surprises coming from a mile away so it can be difficult. However, we have five birthday ideas for your mom that she’s sure to love.

Memento With Children’s or Grandkids’ Names

Moms are notorious for loving all things sentimental and that have meaning. Especially if those things involve their children or grandchildren. There’s a variety of websites that give you the option to personalize gifts. Whether it’s jewelry, a painting, clothing, or whatever gift you think your mom would love to receive on her special day. If she’s a grandmother, include the grandkids’ names as well to make your personalized gift even more special for her. Mothers tend to be the backbone of the family and will appreciate the sentiment when they are reminded of their loved ones every time they look at their gift. 

Spa Day

Mothers take on more responsibility and stress than anyone truly understands. No matter how much they love and appreciate their family, the emotional, mental, and physical work it takes to raise children, tends to the household, and possibly holds down a job, can leave moms stressed and tense. So for their birthday, treat them to a day of relaxation and bliss. Spas offer an array of packages and treatments that you can purchase for your mom, depending on what she wants to be done and is comfortable with. 

Get All of the Family Together

Once the kids grow up and the nest empties, it can get pretty lonely. Most moms dedicate their lives to raising their children and putting their needs by the wayside. When the house slowly empties, moms can struggle with the distance between the family. For her birthday, try getting all the family together in the same place so you can all make more cherished memories and give your mom time with all of her loved ones. You can even make it a surprise party if you really want to catch her off guard and make her day. 

Take Care of Chores For the Day

You may, or may not already take care of your own chores, but there’s something incredibly generous about cleaning up after other people. Something moms often do without a peep. There are probably chores you don’t even think about doing, because mom always takes care of it. Ask your mom what chores you can take on, or surprise her by observing her routine and doing the chores without her knowing. Let her relax for the day, or a few, while you put in the elbow grease to get the job done. 

Treat Her To A Wine Tasting

Moms are often found enjoying a glass, or more, of wine after their many responsibilities are done for the day. What better way to treat your mom for her birthday than bringing her, and maybe some of her girlfriends, out to a wine tasting. She can relax and enjoy an array of wine and food pairings, letting loose and unwinding without worrying about all of her daily tasks. You can even purchase some of her favorite wine as a gift before leaving the event so she can leave with something for later. Of course, make sure you have a designated driver available before making plans. 

5 Birthday Ideas For Your Significant Other

There are certain days of the year that you don’t want to forget, especially if you’re in a relationship. One of those days is your partner’s birthday. While they might say that their birthday isn’t a big deal, you can still make it feel like a big deal and turn it into a special day that they’ll remember forever.

If your loved one has a special birthday coming up and you’re not sure how to celebrate, there are tons of great ideas to pick from. From last-minute gifts to special projects that you can do at home, here are five birthday ideas for your significant other that will turn what they call “just another day” into one they’ll cherish for life.

Get a Personalized Book

These days, there are tons of sites online where you can get a personalized book made for your honey. It can be as intricate, or simple as you’d like. Show your significant other you care for them by using a personalized book to tell the story of your love. Some sites allow you to create characters that look like you and your lover as well. Then you can fill in the blanks, or even write a story all your own on the pages. It’s a sweet gift that will last over the years, yet never get old. 

Cook and Bake For Them

It doesn’t have to be a five-star, three-course meal. Or it can be. Whatever your skill level is, cooking or baking a delicious creation is a special way to show your significant other you love them and that you’re willing to put in the effort to woo them. The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and feeding a loved one is such a nurturing and caring act. Even if you’re not the best chef or baker in the world, try out an easy recipe with step by step instructions, and don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s the thought that counts. 

Take Them Somewhere Special

Every relationship has that one place that means a lot to the both of you and brings back fond memories every time you think of it. It could be the first place you laid eyes on each other, the location of your first date, where your significant other proposed, or maybe it’s a unique place you both fell in love with. Surprise them by setting up a date, or activity at a place you both love visiting. You could even make it an overnight stay and get away from the norm for a night or two to really enhance the romantic and loving experience.  

Tickets to a Show

If you know your partner well, you’ll know the kind of music they listen to, the comedians they enjoy, and their general interests. All throughout the year, a variety of venues host events big and small. Find one, or a few that they would be interested in and surprise them with tickets. Make sure to think ahead and clear both of your schedules for the event. It may be a tough secret to keep, but the joy on their face when you tell them you have tickets to their favorite show will make it worth it. 

Go To An Escape Room

If your significant other loves puzzles, high-energy environments, and thrills, an escape room would make for an awesome birthday. It’s something you both can do together and you can bring along friends too. Make a day, or night of it and book a few different places if you really want to create a lasting experience for your partner. It will make for some fun and interesting moments between you all that you won’t soon forget. Their birthday doesn’t have to be lavish, or heartfelt. Sometimes making fun memories with people you love is enough to make their special day even better. 

5 Birthday Ideas For Your Kids

When you’re older, you might feel like your birthdays don’t matter all that much. For children, though, a birthday can be one of the biggest days of the year. That’s why, as parents, it’s also a big deal to make sure that a child’s birthday is a special day. However, it can be a bit difficult for parents to come up with ideas on how to celebrate a birthday.

If your little one has a birthday coming up, don’t worry! There are plenty of great ways to spend a child’s birthday. Here are five ideas for your kids, some of which can cost a bit of money, while others can be completely free. Get creative with these ideas and your child is sure to love their special day.


What kid doesn’t love arcades? Bringing your child to the arcade for their birthday is an idea they’ll love. Whether you have their birthday party at the arcade itself or bring them and a few friends out for a fun birthday trip, they’ll have so much fun with all the variety arcades offer. 

It doubles as a fun activity for the parents as well. Unlike a lot of places you bring your kids to, arcades are fun for all ages and you can unleash your inner child. Some arcades may even offer sensory-friendly days for children who struggle in the typical arcade setting.

Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. The excitement you feel discovering and solving each clue, which leads you to another, then another, until you get to the final prize. Kids tend to love experiences more than the actual present, or prize itself. 

Creating a fun activity like a scavenger hunt gives children the chance to problem solve and build excitement, enjoying the fun along the way. You can make it a birthday party game and have all the kids play along, using party favors as clues and prizes. Or maybe use the scavenger hunt as a way for your child to find their gifts in a fun and exciting way. 

Sleepover Party

Sleepovers are a great way to keep the party going because sometimes you don’t want the party to end. Plan ahead and coordinate beforehand with the other parents to make it all run smoothly. 

Surely they’ll be more than happy to have a quiet night to themselves without the post-birthday party sugar high their kids will have. To make it more fun, have the kids arrive in their pajamas and indulge in classic sleepover activities to keep the kiddos entertained. 

Do Whatever They Want For The Day

Kids don’t often get much of a say in what they get to wear, what they eat, where they go, and what they’re allowed to do.  Their lives are often set in routine and drawn out for them, because, well, they’re kids. 

Doing whatever they want for a day, within reason, is an idea kids really ought to enjoy. It gives children the feeling of freedom, excitement, and as if they’re in charge for once. You’ll have to keep an open mind and let loose to truly allow them to have as much fun and freedom as possible for their special day. Of course, set some boundaries, but otherwise, let them lead the way. 

Bring Them to a Petting Zoo or Aquarium

Oftentimes children relentlessly ask their parents for a pet. Sometimes the household, or child may not be ready for an adorable new family member just yet. 

One way to give your child a memorable birthday is to give them a closer look at some of the animals they love and adore. It’s a wonderful way to give your child the experience of being around animals, without having to take on the responsibility of having a pet at home. 

5 Awesome Birthday Party Treat Ideas

Birthday presents are fantastic, of course. But it’s the food that really gets the party going. As you roll out the snacks, entrees, and sweet treats, adults and kids alike hop up in excitement and start digging in. So, if you want to make someone’s birthday truly special, you need to use these five birthday treat ideas while planning their big bash.

Fruit Kabobs

Put out a fruit tray and people will dabble, for sure. A strawberry here. A few grapes there. But if you want people to go ham over nature’s sweets, bring out the fruit kabobs by the boatload.

All you have to do is slice up your fruit into fun shapes, and then thread them onto shish kabob sticks. Want to up the ante even more? Put out interesting dips, too, like chocolate sauce, caramel, and cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

A snack and dessert all-in-one, chocolate-covered pretzels easily satisfy cravings for sweets while taking the edge off hunger. You can buy these tasty snacks premade but it’s a lot more fun making your own.

You will just need pretzel rods, white chocolate, food coloring, and sprinkles. Then, melt your white chocolate in small bowls while mixing in your food coloring of choice.

Dip the pretzel rods in the colorful chocolate up to about halfway. Salt Bae the sprinkles over the dipped pretzels next – or roll the chocolate-covered rods in sprinkles for better coverage.

Ultra-Savory Snack Mix

Birthdays always get a little sweets heavy, so be sure to get ultra-savory snack mix in on the action. The sky is the limit in how you can make yours, too.

Start with a Chex Mix-esque base with:

  • 3 cups each type of Chex cereal
  • 1 cup mixed nuts
  • 1 cup pretzels
  • 7 tablespoons butter
  • 3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 teaspoons seasoned salt
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder

Mix it all together and bake for one hour at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Give it a stir every 15 minutes, and then cool. After that, add cheese crackers, pita chips, croutons, and whatever else you love to snack on.

Walking Tacos

With so many fun things to do at birthday parties, no one wants to sit down for a whole meal. So, you have to keep them moving by serving walking tacos as your main course.

All you need are taco fixings, like ground beef, black beans, shredded cheese, jalapenos, lettuce, salsa, and sour cream. Don’t forget the hot sauce as well.

Then, instead of serving them with regular taco shells, bring out the snack-sized bags of chips. Your guests just have to slice open the side of the chip bag and fill it up with their taco fixings. After that, they can move and groove while eating their tacos with a plastic fork.

Cupcake Cones  

Cake is great, but it’s even more fun when it looks like an ice cream cone. To do that, you just have to whip up your favorite cake mix, pour it into cake cones, and then bake as directed for cupcakes.

Once that’s done, let it all fully cool before making your frosting. Pipe on the frosting in a soft-serve-inspired swirl and then hit it with your sprinkles of choice.

Now that you’re well-versed on all the perfect treats for a special birthday bash, it’s time to get started in whipping up each one. Fortunately, you can make all but the walking tacos the day before, making it easy to roll out the best treats without breaking a sweat.