5 Books That Will Transform Your Approach To Personal Development

All of these books are best-sellers. They provide useful insights into self-development. What makes them super special is their transformative nature. If you learn the techniques described in these books and apply them to your life, you will never be the same. Here are some books to help create the new you.

1. Atomic Habits by James Clear

We are taught that the keys to success are having enough willpower and determination to achieve a breakthrough moment. However, many changes occur as an incremental process more influenced by the environment than willpower.

Want to learn how to play the piano? Get rid of your TV and buy a piano. Play the piano instead of watching TV. In time, you will learn how to play.

The author, Clear, teaches how to make good habits replace bad habits by designing your life to make the good habit the easiest choice. Clear says, “tiny changes bring remarkable results.”

2. When by Daniel H. Pink

This book teaches five big ideas about the scientific secrets of perfect timing. Learning about timing helps people make the most of periods of heightened creativity and energy. Everybody’s thinking ability changes during the day. Some are a “morning” person; others are not.

There are hidden patterns in life. The first big idea is to find out when you are at your peak. Then, to enhance productivity, schedule your efforts to make the most of “when” you can work. It is more important when you do something than what you do.

3. The Power of Meaning by Emily Esfahani Smith

Even if you get everything you think you want, such as a new house, a new car, and a new love in your life, you may find that you are still not truly happy. The author, Smith, says we should seek meaning instead of trying to find happiness.

Meaning comes from four factors: 1) belonging, 2) purpose, 3) storytelling, and; 4) transcendence. Belonging is creating relationships that nurture you with recognition, understanding, and value. Finding your purpose with a long-term goal deepens your feeling of satisfaction with life. Storytelling helps you make sense of the world. Transcendence is being connected to something greater than yourself.

4. Supercoach by Michael Neill

This book is the next best thing to having a personal life coach. It is practical and easy to understand. Ten coaching sessions teach different things that may result in an “aha” moment for you that completely changes your life.

The sad fact is that your misguided thinking is the cause of most of your problems. Gaining control over your mind is the best way to better yourself and improve your life.

5. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

Most self-help books focus on things you can do for personal development. The Power of Now teaches how you can be in such a way that improves your life experience. The author Tolle says, “The moment you grasp it, there is a shift in consciousness from mind to Being, from time to presence. Suddenly, everything feels alive, radiates energy, and emanates Being.”

If you regret the past and worry all the time about the future, this is the perfect book for you. You will learn to embrace the present moment and move through life easily and joyfully.