5 Celebrities Who Are Obsessed With FIFA

Video games certainly aren’t just for “nerds” these days as they have become incredibly mainstream, especially when it comes to sports games. Celebrities aren’t shy about their passion for playing sports titles, and that includes the FIFA series, which launched back in 1993 before exploding in popularity during the 2010s.

We’ve seen plenty of celebs talk about their obsession with the football franchise, from playing Ultimate Team to taking on strangers online. Here are five celebrities who are obsessed with FIFA and how they’ve gotten involved with the game.

Snoop Dogg

If there’s one thing that Snoop Dogg loves more than rap music, it’s sports. More specifically, he’s obsessed with sports video games. While Madden remains his favorite sports game (he constantly plays it while streaming on Twitch), FIFA is still one that he loves to play with each new edition. Ever since he was included in the soundtrack back in FIFA 13, it’s been a favorite for the D-O-Double-G.

Snoop Dogg has even participated in charity FIFA events, including benefitting Doctors Without Borders in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Real Madrid and Manchester United are the teams that Snoop likes to play as on FIFA, and he says that he loves the reality of sports games. Don’t expect Snoop to play on anything besides Xbox, though, as it remains his favorite console.

Usain Bolt

There isn’t a runner that’s more accomplished than Usain Bolt of Jamaica, who has won a total of eight gold medals at the Olympics, doing so in a span between 2008 and 2016. Bolt has been on billboards, magazine covers, you name it, there is no single person more synonymous with the track than Bolt. When growing up, though, Bolt wanted to be a football star.

Bolt says that he was never given a fair shot at playing football, so he instead resorted to playing FIFA while training for his track events. Games like FIFA “helped my hunger to always want to win,” Bolt said. “But I feel like it in a way kinda helped out with the track and field, because now, when you get on the track, you have that same mentality as when you’re playing video games. You just want to win.”

Trevor Noah

As someone who was born in the mid-1980s, Trevor Noah was raised playing video games, and that includes FIFA. After John Stewart retired from “The Daily Show”, Trevor Noah took his spot as the host, but continued his love for video games, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Noah got into FIFA Ultimate Team pretty deeply on a yearly basis and even beat “Ted Lasso” star Jason Sudeikis in a charity tournament finals.

Noah said that he stopped playing Ultimate Team because he doesn’t like opening packs, but still plays online with the base players. Like many gamers, Noah has voiced his displeasure about being able to buy a better team and wants to play people straight-up without their 99 overall cards.


While hockey is more synonymous with Canada than any other sport, rapper Drake prefers football and basketball. Drake has been big into the NBA2K series while also getting into the FIFA series. Ever since the early 2010s, Drake has been playing each new edition of FIFA and has taken on several other notable celebrities.

For Drake, playing FIFA is the ultimate way to spend some downtime, and he has even appeared on the game’s soundtrack. At one point, Justin Bieber challenged him to a match, though it wasn’t met with a response. Drake has also teamed up with EA Sports for launch events, including appearing on stage at the release of FIFA 2014.

Becky G

American singer Rebecca Gomez, a.k.a. Becky G, released her first single back in 2013 titled “Becky from the Block” and has had a long list of hits since then including “Shower”, “Mayores” and “MAMIII”. For much of her professional career, Becky G has been in a relationship with Sebastian Lletget, a football star who has mainly played in Major League Soccer after coming up with West Ham United.

As part of getting into the football world, Becky G has gotten into the FIFA series and has talked openly about her love for both the sport and the video game franchise over the years. She was even part of the Trevor Noah vs. Jason Sudeikis face-off for charity, showcasing the skills that she’s learned.

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