5 Key Qwirkle Strategy Tips

Qwirkle is always a great choice when you want to enjoy a chill game night with friends and family. Gameplay is simple. Just take turns putting tiles down on the table to match shapes and colors while trying to get the highest score possible.

If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, though, you must think strategically through every play. Wondering just how that works? Here are several Qwirkle strategy tips to help you start your winning streak.

Try to Score on Two Rows

Scoring on a single axis will never get you the lead. You need to go for a twofer by scoring on two rows each play. To do that effectively, scan the board for opportunities for parallel plays. Then, choose the play that will net you the highest score on every turn. If you cannot do that, consider exchanging your tiles to open up your play possibilities even more. Otherwise, you’ll only get a score of four max, limiting your ability to come out ahead.

Count Tiles as You Go

In addition to bolstering your score, you need to play tiles that limit the other players’ ability to get points. You can do that by simply counting tiles as you go. There are only three of each color and shape combo in the bag. So, if you see them all on the board already, you know they’re played out and can strategize accordingly. By the 10th round, you’ll likely see plenty of threesomes on the table, allowing you to make your plays without the risk of setting your opponents up for a high score.

Get Rid of Identical Tiles

Since you cannot play the same tiles in a row, having identical tiles in your hand greatly works against you. Avoid holding onto those matching tiles for any length of time by playing one or doing an exchange. Even playing one for a low score is better than keeping the pair in your hand round after round. Aim to keep mixed combos in your hand instead. If you have several colors with matching shapes, you’ll have a better chance of going for a perfect 12-point score.

Block High Score Plays

Ideally, you want to score at least seven points per turn. But when the other players seem like they’re gearing up to make a big move, you have to scrap that goal in favor of blocking. Find when to block by watching where your opponents might score next. Then, use two tiles to fill out the space next to the high score row, effectively preventing them from making their move. You may not be able to maximize your score that round, but your efforts will still keep you ahead of the pack.

Prioritize Shapes

Unless they know this trick, many players check colors over shapes when looking for great plays. By prioritizing shapes as your go-to scoring method, you can easily zero in on scoring opportunities missed by your opponents. This is especially valuable when trying to find near-Qwirkles just waiting for completion. To put this strategy to work, just take your time in looking for four tiles in the same shape. Then, make your move to nab the Qwirkle and get a great score.

With these strategies on your side, you’ll soon become a Qwirkle master. You can then share your secrets with your closest friends or leave them mystified about just how you’re always winning. The choice is yours! Just know that if you play together often enough, your strategies will rub off on the other players anyway, making nabbing the high score more challenging than ever before.

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