5 Countries With Best Urban Exploration Scenes

Urban exploration is one of the fastest-growing hobbies around the world, allowing people to make their way through abandoned manmade structures that were left to rot. They can make for some eerie yet cool feelings when you’re roaming through them, and certain countries have more to explore than others.

If you plan on going on an urban exploration some countries have spots that are a must-see for everyone. Make sure that you’re following all of the laws when going anywhere on an urban exploration trip and always practice safety more than anything. Without further adieu, here are the five countries with the best urban exploration scenes and the signature place for you to visit.


The infamous Catacombs found underneath the city of Paris, France are as interesting as they are terrifying. The location, environment, and purpose of the catacombs make this destination a truly creepy sight to see. 

Holding the remains of more than 6 million people, the catacombs became the historical city’s answer to the overpopulation of the cemeteries. Clearly, that problem has been solved and there’s no need to line underground tunnels with human remains, but the intriguing structures are still available to explore if you dare. 


Hashima Island, also known as Gunkanjima, is an urban explorer’s dream, with abandoned structures that leave behind a bittersweet history. Hashima Island is one of the many islands surrounding Kyūshū, one of the main five islands that make up Japan. 

Once known for the underground coal mines that aided in the industrialization of the land, the history of the previously abandoned tourist destination has its darker notes as well. The island was home to cruel forced labor upon the people of China and the Koreas before and during World War ll. The history and eerie nature of this island makes it a great place for curious explorers. 


London isn’t just the capital of England, but it’s one of the busiest hubs in the entire world. London is also home to the London Underground, which is known by locals as The Tube. The London Underground first opened up in 1863 and has been serving over 1 million people on a daily basis.

With 250 miles of track, there is a lot of the London Underground to explore, but you just have to be careful. Some of the areas of the Underground are off-limits due to safety issues, and you also want to avoid tracks, especially if they’re being actively used.


Like the ever-so-popular Paris Catacombs, the catacombs scattered throughout Rome were designed for the purpose of providing burial and storage of deceased Romans after the city found the land wasn’t vast enough to hold all of the remains within cemeteries. 

The Roman Catacombs are made of areas that hold those belonging to different religions and some where the bodies of separate religions are buried alongside one another. The eerie and historic underground venture would give any brave explorer a thrill and give them a taste of the rich and odd history surrounding the catacombs. 


The United States has a lot of sprawling urban areas in just about every state, but the one that really stands out is Michigan. That’s because the Wolverine State is home to Detroit, which has become the hottest urban exploration destination in America. If you make your way to the Motor City, you have to check out Michigan Central Station, which was once home to Michigan Central Railroad but closed in 1988.

Thankfully, the building hasn’t been completely abandoned or demolished, though there was some destruction in the early 2010s that made it dangerous for urban explorers. Since the city is planning on using the Michigan Central Station again, making it safe for urban explorers. When there, you’ll see the amazing interior from the Art Deco era of Detroit while still seeing some of the ruins.

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