Top 5 PUBG Streamers Ever On the Internet

“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” set the standard for battle royale games upon its release in late 2017 and instantly became a success. Known to most as PUBG, the game became the most-played video game in the industry’s history, with nearly 2 billion players during its lifetime and over $10 billion in revenue. 

Along the way, there have been a lot of notable streamers playing PUBG, especially when popularity peaked back in 2018. Here are the five streamers that owe a lot of their success to PUBG becoming a global phenomenon.

5. Tecnosh

Joseph ‘Technosh’ Touma started his streaming career by playing a wide range of games that included “League of Legends”, “World of Warcraft” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”. Whoever, since 2019, much of Tecnosh’s time has been spent playing PUBG. That’s where most of his viewers come from, as well, as he nearly doubles his viewer count whenever he’s playing.

The Brazilian gamer ended up going professional in PUBG and joined the Three and a Gado Men team in 2018. He would finish as high as second place in international tournament play, doing so in 2018 at the Copa IGN Season 2 Group Stage. Whenever Tecnosh is online, you can expect tens of thousands of people to pop in and watch his streams.

4. ChocoTaco

Jake “ChocoTaco” Throop played PUBG as a hobby on the side while working a full-time career early on. Then, he began streaming his gameplay and his channel began to take off almost immediately. Between July 2017 and July 2018, ChocoTaco saw his average viewercount rise from less than 40 to about 4,000 per stream.

This allowed ChocoTaco to focus on gaming full-time, and he reached peak popularity in 2019 thanks to his PUBG streams. Unlike Technosh, though, ChocoTaco does tend to mix up his games a little bit and plays other shooters that include “Apex Legends”, “Valorant” and “Call of Duty Warzone”.

3. Ninja

Almost everyone knows Tyler Blevins as Ninja, the man who helped to put Fortnite on the map and became the most popular streamer in the world as a result. The Detroit native got his start in professional gaming by playing “Halo 3”, which he followed up by playing “H1Z1”. Then PUBG began increasing in popularity, Ninja made the jump over to the game and became one of the best in the world.

Ninja even won the Gamescom Invitational in 2017 and was on top of the PUBG world. In sort of an experiment of a new game, Ninja tried out “Fortnite” and helped increase his popularity to the next level. Ninja would abandon almost all other games at that point, including PUBG, but does come back from time to time to check out the community.

2. Shroud

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiak is known for being one of the best first-person shooter players in all of video game history. This includes games like “Counter-Strike” where he has won multiple tournaments on the world stage. After helping Cloud9 win the ESL Pro League, Shroud decided to step away from professional gaming on a full-time basis so he could concentrate on building a streaming community.

It ended up being the right move for Shroud as he instantly had a huge follower base, with many of his streams being based around PUBG. Shroud streamed the game for well over 2,500 hours before saying that he was done spending a bulk of his streaming time on the game. “I am still a firm believer that this game could be the number one game,” Shroud said of PUBG.

1. Dr. Disrespect

You can’t tell the story of video game streams without talking about Herschel Beahm IV, a.k.a. Dr. Disrespect. He launched his Twitch channel in 2011 portraying an exaggerated version of himself, and at the time was streaming only a few times here and there on “Call fo Duty”. After working for Sledgehammer Games and (the precursor to Twitch), Beahm decided to leave and focus on streaming full-time.

Thanks to his gameplay in the battle royale genre, Dr. Disrespect became one of the most followed streamers on the Twitch platform prior to his ban. He would join YouTube following the Twitch ban, and a bulk of his viewership numbers have come from his days of playing PUBG. Hopefully one day he returns to playing the game.

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