5 Disaster Celebrity Weddings

Although celebrities seem to have it all, their piles of cash, helping hands, and influence on the world cannot save them from wedding disasters. From venue snafus to actual hurricanes, there’s no limit to what can go wrong on their big day. In fact, all their effort in planning the perfect wedding often increases the risk of it backfiring spectacularly, leaving them miffed on where it all went wrong. Still have your doubts? Here’s a look at just five celebrity weddings that took a wrong turn.

1. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Despite their star power, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were powerless to stop their wedding from turning into a complete disaster. Their original venue failed to come to fruition, leaving them without a place to say their vows and celebrate afterward.

Fortunately for them, Martha Stewart jumped into to save the day by coming up with another picture perfect venue on the fly. The reception brought another big surprise, however, when Lively’s dress ended up more than a little singed from a wayward sparkler near the dance floor.

2. Prince Charles and Princess Diana

The union between Prince Charles and Princess Diana was rife with disaster – and tragedy in the end. Although it’s only clear in hindsight, their wedding day started waving the red flags in earnest, although the warnings went unheard.

The problems started with the exorbitant 25-foot train and a tiara heavy enough to knock the Princess of Wales’ block off. The resulting headache resulted in her blundering her soon-to-be husband’s name on the altar. To seal the deal, Prince Charles didn’t kiss his bride at the end of the vows either, pointing to his heart and mind being elsewhere already.

3. James Rothchild and Nicky Hilton

What could go wrong while tying the knot at the famous Kensington Palace? Quite a lot – as found out by Nicky Hilton and James Rothchild. In fact, the whole thing could hang on by just a thread if an unexpected element comes into play.

Hilton learned this lesson the hard way when the veil of her ritzy Valentino gown got stuck fast. As she waltzed by the parked vehicle, her dress got a bit wily, trapping itself behind the tire. Just a few more steps and the whole thing would have fell apart. Thankfully, a quick witted attendant noticed and got her unwound just in time. 

4. Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe

What are plans without a rehearsal or two to nail down the details? As with most couples, Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe put their plans into action with a rehearsal dinner the day before their wedding day. The dinner allowed them to practice the events of the big day with their wedding party while noshing on seriously good food.

Sadly, the food was not all good – in fact, the oysters were downright bad. Food poisoning struck Ashe hard as a result, causing her to land in the hospital on the morning of her planned nuptials. Despite nurses telling her to stay put, she brushed herself off and hit the road running, so she wouldn’t have to put off her big day for even one extra minute.

5. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar weathered not just one but two literal disasters on their wedding day. Originally planned as a beachfront wedding in Mexico, the event had to rush inside as Hurricane Hernan arrived uninvited.

While shielded inside the venue, they were able to say their vows and even enjoy their reception. But guests got more than a little shaken up afterward as an earthquake hit right as they’re walking out the doors.

You know what they say: Even the best laid plans can go awry. So, don’t fret too much if your own wedding plans go sideways. You can just rest assured that you’re definitely in good company.