5 Fastest BMWs Ever Made

BMW is one of the most well-known names in luxury cars, but it’s also one of the best in producing the fastest cars. Throughout the years, BMW has created several models that prove their worth on the toughest tracks and reach top speeds that some of us can only imagine driving. Which BMW models are the fastest, though? Here are the five fastest BMWs ever made.

5. BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition (F82)

At the 2016 DMSB Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters Championship, German driver Marco Wittmann took home the title by racing in the BMW M4. To commemorate the win, BMW released the DTM Champion Edition of the M4 with improvements that included a 69 horsepower increase and a rise in the maximum torque 600 Nm.

“Up to now, none of our editions has been more directly inspired by sports racing,” BMW M Ltd CEO Frank van Meel said. Getting your hands on one wasn’t easy as production was extremely limited, with the release price sitting at over $163,000. All in all, just 200 of these were made and they could reach speeds of 190 miles per hour.

4. BMW M3 GTS (E92)

The M3 series is perhaps the most well-known out of all of the BMW productions, beginning back in 1986 and continuing ever since with the exception of 2019 and 2020. In 2009, BMW announced the GTS version of the series that was made in a coupe style and had 444 horsepower.

The GTS is a lighter version of the standard M3 and can reach speeds of 190 miles per hour. Surprisingly, this car is the most expensive one on the list with a tag of $200,000 at the lowest and upward of $280,000.

3. BMW M5 CS (F90)

Though the M5 was first put into production in 1984, it wasn’t until March of 2021 that the model got a CS edition with a massive upgrade. The engine power was increased and the overall weight was reduced to make the M5 CS faster. There were some other tweaks on this version, including four bucket seats and a pair of heat extractor vents on the hood.

Onlookers were floored when the M5 CS hit the Autobahn for the first time. This model is able to reach speeds of 189 miles per hour. The asking price for the M5 CS was $142,000 when first introduced, and held the title for most powerful BMW until the number one car on the list came around.  

2. BMW M4 GTS (F82)

This is neither the first nor last M4 to make the list. The BMW M4 GTS was first revealed at the Pebble Beach Golf Links in 2015, and the following year was put into limited production with 700 units being made. The engine is the same as the standard M4, but some adjustments were made to increase the horsepower and reduce the weight to make it faster.

Overall, the GTS version beat out the standard by 24 seconds on the Nurburgring Nordschleife track and reached a top speed of 190 miles per hour. A new version of the M4 GTS was introduced at $134,000, which was around twice the cost of the standard version.

1. BMW M4 CSL (G82)

Featuring a 473-horsepower engine, the BMW M4 will leave other cars in its dust as the fastest series production in the history of BMW, reaching top speeds of 191 miles per hour. The first M4 was released in 2014, with the CSL being announced at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show. It wasn’t until 202 that the M4 CSL was introduced and immediately started dropping jaws.

The M4 CSL is a rear-wheel drive car with a curb weight of 3,583 pounds and 479 lb/ft of torque. Only 1,000 units were made, making this car a rare find for speed enthusiasts. Those able to get their hands on one were expected to shell out at least $140,000, with those searching on the secondary market paying much more. According to BMW, this version is “more stripped down” than the M2 CS and M5 CS, which is how it reaches higher top speeds.

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