5 Menu Items McDonald’s Should Bring Back

As the largest fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s has a long list of fans for every item on its extensive menu. However, the menu tends to change on an almost weekly basis, with some items that were beloved by many suddenly disappearing. Some end up returning on a temporary or permanent basis, while others are gone forever.

Out of all of the menu items that McDonald’s has ripped away over the years, there are some that haven’t come back and it’s puzzling to people. These items tend to have social media pages devoted to bringing them back, but McDonald’s has yet to have them make their triumphant returns. Here are five menu items that McDonald’s should bring back sooner rather than later (or never).

Snack Wraps

McDonald’s snack wrap was introduced to the menu in 2005 and served as a smaller portioned, quick bite for those wanting something different and slightly healthier than the fast food restaurant’s usual fare. It consists of a small flour tortilla, a chicken select tender, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, and ranch. The option for grilled chicken, or another sauce was also available. McDonald’s slowed the production of snack wraps in 2016 and completely discontinued the item in the US in 2020. Mcdonald’s in the UK and Canada still sell the item, one that customers in the US hope makes its way back onto the menu. 


Mcdonald’s introduced salads to their menu in the 1980s and since then have come up with a few creative ways to sell the healthier alternative, like the nostalgic salad shakers released in the year 2000. The salad shakers have moved on to the fast food restaurant in the sky and McDonald’s stuck to selling normal salads, but just like the snack wraps, the 2020 pandemic resulted in the end of salad sales for the time being. Although not known for their health-conscious menu, many customers enjoyed the lighter fare and variety of McDonald’s salads offered. 

Snack Wraps

McDonald’s introduced their premium McWrap in 2013, years after the simpler and petit snack wrap version. The McWrap consists of a large flour tortilla filled with sliced crispy, or grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon shredded cheese, and ranch. It came in a fun tube-like packaging that you tore the top part off of, leaving the bottom part to use as a vessel to hold your McWrap while you ate it. Many McDonald’s outside the US still serve the McWrap and continue to produce more varieties of the easy to eat treat, even some breakfast popular versions. 

Better Happy Meal Toys

One thing that remains on the menu, but has drastically plummeted in quality is the restaurant’s sad excuse for happy meal toys. The nostalgic, higher quality and fun array of happy meal toys make up some core memories for today’s adult population. Through the years McDonald’s has put little effort into the toys provided with every kid’s favorite fast food meal. The toys have shrunk in size, have less cool features, and are plagued with the boring repetitive re-release of previously sold happy meal toys. Although the kids might not mind, McDonald’s proved in the past that they can do better and have clearly stopped caring about quality. 

Fried Apple Pie

The sweet treat everyone loves after their salty fast food meal is McDonald’s apple pie. The apple pie currently remains on the menu but has changed over the years. The pie is now a baked item, prepared ahead of time and left to sit and get stale over time. Before the change, the pies were deliciously crispy with a bubbly fried outer shell and warm apple pie filling inside, in a more cooked-to-order style rather than previously baked. The new style of pie makes for a lower-calorie option, but customers mourn the departure of the caloric beauty that is the fried apple pie. 

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