5 Romantic Gestures That Go A Long Way

For some, romance can come naturally, while others can spend days or weeks trying to rack their brains coming up with ways that they can be more romantic for their significant other. Thankfully, there are many small gestures that you can make every day that end up going a long way and showing your partner that you love them.

If you feel like you haven’t been showing the type of affection that you want for your significant other, we have some ideas that will make sure that you’re setting your relationship in the right direction. Here are five romantic gestures that go a long way with your partner, many of which won’t cost you a single penny.

Writing Love Letters

Writing and exchanging love letters is a timeless way to show your partner how special they are to you. It really is an extraordinarily romantic and old-fashioned act of professing your love to one another. You can step it up a notch and buy cute paper, pens, envelopes, or maybe even a journal the both of you can take turns writing in. Love letters are something you can both save and compile into a scrapbook, a memory box, or even showcase at your future wedding to remind you of where you started and how you got to that point. It’s a sweet and everlasting act of love. 

Cooking a Meal

Cooking your loved one a delicious meal is a fantastically loving gesture they will thoroughly enjoy. It’s a more personal way to show your love, as well as provide a tasty treat you both can enjoy. We all show love in our own special ways, sometimes using art forms, like the art of cooking. Cooking is often more than just the simple act of heating up food and eating it. It’s a form of expression and nurtures those we feed with our home-cooked meals. Cooking in all forms typically comes from a place of love and passion, making it a much deeper act than one might think. 

Creating a Cozy Environment

Feeling cozy and comfy is one of the best feelings. It’s even better when your significant other creates a more calming and cozy environment for you. Some ways you can do this are by running them a warm bath with bath bombs, bubbles, or Epsom salts. Putting their towel in the dryer so it’s warm and comforting when they’re done. Give them a romantic rub down with moisturizing lotion. Light some scented candles, grab them a snack, and maybe watch some movies with them in a bed with fresh sheets, blankets, and tons of pillows. It will show them you care and want to make them feel good. 

Buying or Making Gifts

Gifts aren’t always necessary, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited when someone we love gives us a present. Buying gifts, or making a more personalized gift is something that will make anyone feel special and loved. The feeling of gift-giving is sometimes just as rewarding as being the recipient of a gift. Put a lot of thought into your gift, no matter how simple or lavish, to show your partner you truly know them and their heart. It will have a lasting impression on your loved one, knowing you put so much effort into making them smile. 

Romantic Picnics

Arguably one of the most romantic and low-key activities you can plan for your partner is a picnic. Picnics are always a hit and show your loved one how much thought and planning you put into the romantic endeavor. Gather a cute basket of their favorite foods, grab the classic checkered sheet, and maybe some adult drinks. Take a stroll to a scenic area to set it up while they sit back and relax. Enjoy the fresh air and close personal time with your loved one. 

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