5 Favorite Comic Book Heroes For Young Girls

When people think of comic book heroes, they tend to think of male heroes like Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman. It’s a pretty male-dominated form of entertainment, but in more recent years, we’ve seen a surge of strong female characters that have made their way to the forefront of the comic book world. This is great news for young girls that want to get into comic books as they’re now represented more than ever on the pages.

While some female superheroes have been around for decades, there are others that have come in more recently to help stir things up. If you have a young girl in your family that’s into comic books and want to give her some female characters to look up to, try one of these five favorites for readers.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is often the first crime-fighting heroine that young girls look up to. Wonder Woman’s iconic look, strength, and thirst for justice gives young girls an idol they can be proud of. Psychologist and writer William Marston created the magnificent superhero with inspiration from his wife and their shared partner. 

Wonder Woman made her first appearance in 1941 and since then has starred in her own television series, played by Lynda Carter, and the more recent Wonder Woman films where she’s portrayed by Gal Gadot. 


Supergirl, also known as Kara Zor-El, is best known as the magnificently powerful, nearly indestructible, flying, and costumed heroine that is closely related to the infamous Superman. She was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, making her 1959 debut in Action Comics. 

Her powers are similar to those of Superman, ranging from super speed, immunity to all diseases, X-ray vision, freeze-breath, and many other superhuman abilities. Supergirl is the perfect specimen, despite her weakness to kryptonite like her superhero cousin. She’s a mentally and physically strong, yet responsible, a female idol for young girls everywhere to look up to. 


Batgirl originally started out as a character named Betty Kane, but in 1967 Gardner Fox reinvented Batgirl. She was given the name Barbara Gordon, written into the storyline as Gotham City’s police commissioner James Gordon. Batgirl is the female counterpart to the popular DC comic legend, Batman. 

Like Batman, Batgirl also lacks any superhuman powers but gets by with ease using her intelligence, cunning, and creativity to invent helpful tools to apprehend, or aid in Batman apprehending, Gotham’s slew of criminals. Batgirl’s smarts, inventive nature, and bravery make her a superhero idol for young girls everywhere. 


Within the Marvel multiverse is the Spiderverse, alternate dimensions full of a variety of storylines for our favorite Marvel characters. In one of them, Earth-65, Gwen Stacy finds herself possessing similar spider-like superpowers, making her one of the few female counterparts to the classic Spiderman. 

They possess many of the same powers and find themselves infatuated with one another in this alternate universe. Spider Gwen, sometimes referred to as Spider-Woman, or Ghost Spider is a welcome female character that shows you don’t always need to be saved. She shows girls they can do the saving themselves and gives girls a long awaited female spiderman counterpart to admire. 

Captain Marvel  

Carol Danvers, most commonly known as Captain Marvel, is the ultimate female superhero. Though she’s known as Captain Marvel, she was first created as the male Captain Marvel’s female counterpart, originally named Ms. Marvel. Captain Marvel is one of the most recently relevant superhero idols young girls have the opportunity to adore. 

The Captain Marvel films, along with the Avengers films, showcase the bravery our tough heroine has in tense situations where the world depends on her actions. Her power and sense of responsibility, combined with her grace, make her a well-rounded role model for impressionable minds. 

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