5 Feng Shui Principles That Will Make Your Home A Nicer Place

Many people tend to place items in their homes where they want to based on their personal thought of what looks good. Not many, at least in the west, consider what the placement of these items means to them spiritually. Thankfully, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of feng shui, which is the Chinese practice of arranging your home so that good energy comes your way. If you aren’t familiar with feng shui, here are some principles to follow that will make your home nicer and improve your life.

5. Follow the Map

Every home should have a map that they follow called the bagua map. This map separates your home into nine different areas, with each area having its own theme. When you enter the home, there should be a career theme. To your left is knowledge and self-cultivation and to the right is travel and helpful people. The other segments of the home include family, wealth/prosperity, fame/reputation, relationships and children/creativity. The exact center of the home, though, should be focused on health and longevity.

4. Go Up

You may notice in the homes of people who practice feng shui that there is a vertical design for most of the home. While it might be impossible to actually make your living space taller, adding designs and shapes to make things appear taller is great for feng shui. Things such as trees, bookshelves and vertical blinds go a long way in making things seem larger than they are. Work with a professional painter to help with increasing verticality as they’re trained in the art.

3. Use the Elements

Wuxing is the use of all of the elements to create perfect feng shui. The elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. When you’re designing your home you should be balancing all of these elements to the best of your abilities. Everything should be balanced from clothing to fountains to plants. Every item in your home represents one of the elements, so each space in your home should contain a good balance between them.

2. Stove Savant

While it might not seem like something major, the stove in your house plays a massive role in proper feng shui. According to the practice, your stove should never be on an island, instead placing it with the back against a wall. The stove also represents a lot, including your resources, career and how you can help to provide yourself with nourishment. The more burners you have on your stove, the better. This is because the burners represent opportunities, so make sure that your stove is the star of the show in your kitchen.

1. Free Entry

The stove is the most important part of the kitchen in terms of feng shui, but your entryway is going to be the most important overall. That’s because the entryway is the source of all energy that comes into your home and you want to set the right tone. Finding the perfect front door can be done at any major hardware store, and you want it to be formal and inviting. Things should be very tidy in this area, too, with no clutter to come into your home as it represents clutter constantly entering your mind.

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