5 Gadgets To Help Improve Your Health

Some of us need all the health-improving gadgets we can get, primarily when delivered pizza, and streaming shows tend to sound more fun than the gym. It’s just too easy to let bad habits win sometimes, which can accelerate aging and illness.

Some cool gadgets help improve overall health, from dental health to taking your vitamins. Once you start getting on track, it gets easier and easier to stay on track. Here are five that can make a difference.

Plankpad Pro

For those unfamiliar with planking, it is a simple way to strengthen your core by using your body weight.

The Plankpad Pro is an inexpensive balance board that only takes a few minutes a day to strengthen your core and back. It has an app with games you can play while planking to get even more benefits across more muscle groups. Using their 30-day planking challenge, you slowly ramp up to longer and longer periods each day.

For those living in a smaller space, a size of 20” x 14” means very little space is taken.

Find it online; usually on sale for $65.

Sonicare Toothbrush

Mouth health is also whole body health. Plaque buildup in your teeth can cause unnecessary inflammation, resulting in premature aging and systemic disease because it chronically activates the immune system. Gum disease is another severe symptom that can result in impacts on both dental and whole body health.

Dentists almost universally recommend the Phillips Sonicare toothbrush because it is the most effective at removing plaque with its 31,000 brush strokes per minute.

Depending on the unit, online prices can range from $25 to $269.

Oblio Phone Sanitizer and Wireless Charger

Your phone is carrying around all kinds of funky little creatures that like to make you sick. Phones are also rarely cleaned, so it’s 24/7 bacteria party time. The Lexon Oblio is a wireless phone charger that UV sanitizes your phone while it charges. Drop in your phone to charge at night or while at your desk, and the bacteria dance party is over.

This is especially beneficial during cold and flu season when your smartphone can be carrying some nasty stuff.

The Oblio is $29.99 online and well worth it.

Vitastiq 2 Vitamin Tracker

It used to be the only way to check for vitamin deficiency was a blood draw from your doctor. The Vitastiq 2 ends that need as this tiny, pen-like gadget detects vitamin levels through your skin. Painlessly detecting electrical resistance inside some of the body’s acupuncture points detects vitamin levels and trends. If you’re deficient in any vitamins, it’ll let you know.

Online it is $150

Muse 2 Headband

The Muse 2 tracks your brain activity and is an immersive meditation device worn during guided meditations to provide feedback on your mental well-being. During soothing mediations, your brain activity is recorded on a smartphone app to result in better relaxation and mental health, with many users reporting better focus and emotional regulation.

You can find Muse 2 online for $200.

These are just a few of the neat gadgets out there that can improve or protect your health beyond what your standard smartwatch already provides. Check them out. You might be more peaceful, be taking your vitamins, and brushing your teeth better before you know it.